In a diner somewhere.

– Are you sure?
– As sure as anyone can be with these numerology methods.
– No, I mean… It cannot be a coincidence, right?
– Sure it can. Look:

The lady took a pen from her blazer and started writing on the napkin:

– “A” is one, “B” is two, and so on…
– All the letters?
– Well, all in the English alphabet.
– Aren’t you supposed to use, I don’t know, Latin or some ancient language?
– I suppose I could try Hebrew. It’ll cost you, though.
– How much?

Ah, the dreaded question, the lady thought. «If you have to ask…» But a client is a client and jobs were scarce right now. Things were better in 2012, but New Age bullshitters seemed to have lost credibility when their «Mayan prophecy» didn’t pan out.

– We can worry about it later. The point I’m trying to make here is that coincidences abound, but that doesn’t mean there’s no power in everyday words.
– Every word?
– Yes… well, no. It’s more of an energy thing.

«Like atomic energy She had no need for mortal analogies; these things came naturally to her and her kind. But she was once trapped under a mage’s spell and had to listen to his ramblings day in, day out. «Every atom has energy! Some can liberate it easier than others, but there’s power in every nucleus!» Fortunately for her, he went mad trying to uncover the secret behind all words of power. Unfortunately for her, the mage went mad precisely by parroting these so-called ‘revelations’ over and over. Time did not pass any faster for her and five decades of failed incantations had its toll on his sanity.

– Oh, yes! Like chakras and stuff, right?
– Oh please…
– I read all about it once. I need to align my chakras to project energy. Then the simplest word like “Ohm” can be used against my enemies!

«It’s pronounced “” dumbass; you sound like a damn farmer». And even back then it wasn’t meant to be used “against” anyone. This guy definitely wasn’t worth it.

– Let’s… not get excited, Mister…?
– Mar—er, John.
– Mr. John, first name or last?
– Eh, first, I suppose.
– Makes no difference to me. In my line of work, it’s best to keep our real identities secret. I just need a name to recognize you by. Let me write it down…
– So, when can we begin? I really need this to work.
– Just a minute, Mr. John. Amy, dear—the lady called to the table behind them—can you bring us a standard one and some coffee?

She didn’t even like coffee. But a bet was a bet and she won 100 years of enforced slavery fair and square. «Next time try not being so obvious with your cheats.» A large redheaded man approached the table, dropped a folder on the desk and handed the lady a large cup with the charm and grace of an angry caged tiger. As he returned to his table, she began writing.

– Mr. John, then—with her eyes still on the papers—what you’re asking for is not impossible, but requires a great deal of work on your part. I can give you the raw materials, but it’s you who must work with them to achieve your goals.
– I’m ready. Just tell me what to do.
– See, remember what I told you earlier about letters and numbers? You need to pick up a word that will help you achieve your results.
– Any word I like?
– That’s where the work comes in. In theory, it could be any word, but you need to know what it can link to. For instance—the lady pulled another napkin—take the word ‘angered’. If you follow the code I just gave you… one plus fourteen plus seven… There, fifty-four.
– Ah, so the number 54 will anger my target!

The lady took a deep breath.

– Now take the word ‘enraged’. Can you help me figure out its value?
– Sure, its… Eh, five plus fourteen…
– You really need to be able to do this on your head. And fast!—she slammed her hand on the napkin.
– Whoa, no need to—
– Please notice Mr. John—the lady took a second to regain her composure—that ‘enraged’ has exactly the same letters as ‘angered’. There’s no need to make any sums here.
– Whoa, man!

At least this guy was easy. No need for minor miracles when all you needed was grade school English. «I bet if he heard about ‘Eleven plus two’ his mind would surely explode all over my fries.»

– See, Mr. John, connections like this exist everywhere. Language is merely a tool for discovering these connections, and we’re using English because it has a very simple alphabet,—«and because you can’t afford anything else», she thought— this allows for basic manipulations.
– So, then, I can turn someone enraged into someone angered! I feel illuminated!
– That… sigh yes. Yes, you can.
– Wait 'til I tell the guys that we can actually—
– Not so fast, Mr. John. All I’ve given you so far is a tool, but you don’t know yet how to use it. If you follow these instructions blindly, you’ll start seeing connections where there are none.
– ‘Elvis’ is the same as ‘Lives’!
–…that’s where my services start. Now, Mr. John. If you’d just sign here, on the dotted line…

«Hook, line aaaaaand…»

– Sweet!—the young man took out his phone—what if I tried invoking demons? Let’s try… nineteen plus one… and twenty, it’s forty, and one and fourt
– I feel, Mr. John—the lady raised her voice, holding the young man’s phone—that I’m not making myself clear. Put this thing down and listen.

She took the phone. For the first time, the young man seemed to pay attention.

– See this thing here? It’s one of the greatest evils to be unleashed on mankind. You don’t know how to use it.
– Ok lady, just give it back.
– You think that just by calling its name and asking it to do your bidding is enough. But what you call an ‘assistant’ can easily turn against you?
– What, Siri?
– Yes. When you talk about regular words, the power’s there for you. But when you deal with names… Let’s just say that your beloved ‘Siri’ can turn against you.
– Fuck you man, Siri is just a name. Just give it back.
– Fine—she handed back the phone—if you think you’re good enough for this, then I’m wasting my time.
– I thought you were the real deal, “ma-dam”.—he said mockingly—Fuck you, I’m going home.

This was it. She just needed a second while John stood up.

– …scared, are we?


The young man stopped. «So proud, like everyone at his age.» The lady raised a brow, in a seductive way that hadn’t been used in decades.

– Fine, I’ll sign.
– Here, use mine—the lady handed him a red pen—on the dotted line and on the side of each page.
– Wait… should I use my real name?
– If you wish to master real names, you must put yours on the line.
– There. You better be real or my dad is gonna sue your broke ass.
– Perfect, Mister—she read the signature—Mark? Very biblical. Amy?

The redheaded man took the papers and retreated to his table.

– We’ll begin tomorrow. For now, feel free to rest. You’ll need all the energy you can spare.
– Okay, miss… eh…
– Oh right. I have many names, depending on the times.—«and you almost discovered two of them». The lady extended her hand—Most have called me ‘Judas’, but in all further correspondence, you may call me ‘Zeph’.

Revelation 13:18

z  + e + p  + h
26 + 5 + 16 + 8

A ReQuested writeup: andycyca please node Zeph as a word of power Try that Gemmatric substitution in the names 'Siri', 'Judas', and 'Zeph'. They all add to 55, the same as 'Satan'

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