Neil Peart grew up in a small town in Ontario. His parents first got him his drum set when he was around 5 years old. He loved to drum and when he was old enough, he moved to England to see if he could join a band during the heyday of progressive rock. He didn't find anything that suited him so he returned. When drummer John Rutsey of Rush felt that he wanted to focus on other things, such as body building and other forms of rock other that Rush, he left, leaving a position in the band open. Neil auditioned and he quickly formed a musical kinship with bassist Geddy Lee, both being the rhythmically oriented players of the band. A close relationship with Alex Lifeson soon followed and the band became as tightly knit as their complex, musical rhythms. His arrival gave their new album Fly by Night, a strong rhythmic base. Neil uses drumsticks by hitting with the handle end and not the regular end, resulting in a very deep, strong sound. He is known to hit the drums incredibly hard and incredibly accurately. A roadie testifies that his snare drum has only one small, quarter sized area of pock marks. He is very fill-oriented, playing a very complicated fill between nearly every measure. For their next album Caress of Steel, Peart showed a new aspect to his talents by writing some lyrics. They were very Tolkien-based and showed off his knowledge of literature. For their next album, Peart helped to write an epic song based on Ayn Rand's novel Anthem. The song 2112 featured his readings in Rand's objectivism, although he has said he is not a fanatic believer of her philosophy. He has gone on to write songs based on science fiction and fantasy such as Xanadu and Cygnus X-1. He continues to tour and record music with Rush today. Other projects include a tribute album to jazz drummer Buddy Rich and a video on the art of drumming.

Neil Peart is considered one of the most influential drummers in modern rock. His exact style of drumming tends to appeal to those drummers that can't stand the seeming randomity of someone like Keith Moon. Before his Rush days, Peart himself longed to play in a band that would allow him to drum like Keith Moon; however, when he was finally given this opportunity he discover he prefered his own, exact style.

Peart is not revered only by geeky Rush fans. He has won the following awards from Modern Drummer:
    Hall of Fame: 1983
    Best Rock Drummer: 1980,1981,1982,1983,1984,1985
    Best Multi-Percussionist: 1983,1984,1985,1986
    Best Percussion Instrumentalist: 1982
    Most Promising New Drummer: 1980
    Best All Around: 1986
    Best Recorded Performance:  1981: Moving Pictures
  	                       1982: Exit... Stage Left
  	                       1983: Signals
  	                       1985: Grace Under Pressure
  	                       1986: Power Windows
  	                       1988: Hold Your Fire
  	                       1989: A Show of Hands
  	                       1990: Presto
  	                       1992: Roll The Bones
  	                       1994: Counterparts
    1986 Honor Roll: Rock Drummer, Multi-Percussion
As a member of the Honor Roll Neil is no longer eligible for votes in these categories.

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