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NYE 2010 node and softlinks

28 May 1999

28 May 2009

I have had three years with you
Now you have three weeks.
I will not have a house by then.
You will not see my kitchen.
You will not come for dinner.
You will not tell me when to trim the hedges.
You will not try my cakes.
You will not have a present under my Christmas tree.
You will not know what I will name my children.

And I don't know how to cope with this.

Oh, fuck the fucking links. It's 2am and I can do it tomorrow. Besides, it's just a crappy ramble. Go away and leave it alone, poor rambly homenode never did anything to you now, did it?

My friends are all invading e2! angatyr, odette, huntsmaniac, Taliesin's Muse and BlakJak.

My Favourite Noders are:

ToasterLeavings, who never fails to cheer and inspire me with his crunchy wisdoms;
Pseudo_Intellectual, who has the most beautiful homenode. If you follow the links you could be lost for days and never find your way home;
Sensei Yeah that's pretty obvious;
Hermetic, whose nodes I have noticed lying around the nodegel and quite admired.
Lometa, who is always kind and has excellent taste in literature;
Taliesin's Muse, who is not a geek and therefore finds plenty to node about.
tes I like tes' writing style.
anuerin writes all the history nodes I would if I was a motivated, getting-things-done person instead of an oooh-follow-the-linky person.

I find it somehow satisfying to think that every person who is part of this wonderful, crazy world of words and links and memes will be leaving a mark, even when they have gone. In a hundred years very few of us will be alive and fewer still will remember April Trolls Day or even the address for everything2. But I like to think that it will still be here, with an old guard who remember the way it used to be, back in the early C21st, when newbies were polite to EDB in the Catbox, and you had to put your own HTML in by hand. Oh yes, by hand, you had to copy and paste every last command. And there wasn't always a transfer button in the Scratch Pad, you ungrateful shite. In fact, there wasn't always a Scratch Pad.

And the newbies - which by then, from our point of view, will be anyone under level 40 - will tell the tale of how once upon a time a mysterious masked noder called Webster 2035 appeared and noded the entire dictionary in one day . And wonder what soy has to do with anything. Or everything.

And when we finally die, someone going through our papers will find a login... a name, an address... they'll log on and find us here, find a world their father or aunt or sister lived in that they knew nothing about. They'll look at our hopeful offerings and be awed by the sheer size of this place, which by then will be run by servers covering an area the size of a small town.

And maybe one day, in the far distant future, someone will upvote your most precious writeup, and you will, in absentia, acquire one xp. They won't know you are gone. They won't care. But somewhere, in node heaven, you will be watching and whispering, "Look at that merit score...I know if I could just get to a keyboard I could level up with two more nodes... just two..."

How about some descriptionwords in here for once. Dry yukky ones, because I am feeling dry and yukky.

I am sitting backwards on the computer chair, because if I sit forwards I feel hemmed in. I feel hemmed in because I am nervous. I am nervous because the waterbombing helicopters keep flying by my flat and I am scared of them. That they will fall and crash and the noise will be so loud and I will be trapped and helpless and die.

I am alone because BlakJak has gone to Sydney to visit Taliesin's Muse. That makes me nervous too. Being alone, not that BJ is in Sydney with TM. I would like to eat a fresh hot tangy lemon sponge pudding but I am too lonely to cook.

My hand itches where it got burnt and now is healing nicely but with maximum irritation.

Most of all I am scared of life because I don't know what to do next.

Somewhere below your eyefocus is a list of bookmarks. They are all part of me. Some of them are awaiting a C! and if I ever achieve a C!able level, I will do so. Until then I refuse to continue upvoting writeups that should be C!ed.

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