I am young; I have much to learn.

This is why I decided to go on an adventure. Every day, I would choose a random user from the 'Other Users' nodelet and visit their homenode. I would read through what she had written there and read some, or all of her nodes. After I had done this, I would have learnt much about her and much about noding. I would then send her a private message telling her so and initiate a conversation.

Through these conversations, I would make Noder X feel valued and appreciated, and encourage him to write more quality nodes. Conversely, he would probably repay my compliment by looking at my homenode and reading my nodes. He might even vote them up or C! them. All in all, a plan by which everyone can win.

It worked.

Over the past few days, I have been going on this adventure. I have read some fascinating homenodes and writeups, talked with some fascinating people, and had them do the same to me. By reading their writeups and statistics, I have been inspired and encouraged to node more, and better quality, nodes. The database has benefitted from this adventure.

I now extend an invitation to all of E2's noders to do the same. Each day, choose a noder and read their homenode. Try to select them from across the spectrum of noders. If you looked at one of Everything's Best Users' homenode yesterday, choose a lowly novice. If you are a novice, don't be afraid to look at an Editor or God's homenode and message them - they'll be glad to know that they've inspired someone. Everything is a Community - let's act like it is.

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