The Softlink Game

On a whim, while softlink surfing one evening, I decided to try pulling up a random node and then, using only softlinks, navigate to any one of my own writeups. It took some time and led me through an ever-changing maze of links, but eventually I was there. The Softlink Game was born. Next, one can keep track of how many softlinks it takes to get from here to there. The goal is six. I like to think that, in addition to passing the time and revealing nodes previously unseen by the player, this helps give a sense of how it all fits together.

If just navigating to one of your write-ups proves to be too easy, you can select a specific write-up as the goal. If the original random node is sans softlinks feel free to draw again until getting one with softlinks. This is in beta and comments and suggestions are welcome (especially if it has already been noded...I did hunt around).


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