I have children. Two, in fact. I do not particularly feel that this makes me superior to others. In my personal frame of reference, it is just another experience. To say that it makes me a better person would be as arrogant as claiming that my quondam visits to Paris or Hong Kong or Tashkent make me more worthy than somebody who has never left Peoria.

Nevertheless, the opinion which makes up the title of this node is an opinion that I sometimes encounter, among other people who have children - the idea that their status as parents somehow ennobles them, granting them a moral high ground as custodians of the future of the race.

Twaddle, of course, but strangely, it is often taken for good logic.

So, riddle me this: where does it say that an inability or unwillingness to use contraceptives implies a moral superiority? Surely, any moral credit gained for having children must be associated with what you raise those children to be?

Now, if the title of this nodeshell had been "I have raised children that are a credit to humanity; therefore I must have done something right", then this would be a very different writeup.

Having children in not an occasion for arrogance. It is cause for humility.

This nodeshell good-samaritaned by liveforever.

(I have three children nowadays.)

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