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Far too many to name in this small space. If you'd care to go ahead and ask me, you'll find that I know almost everything. Truly."Allwissend bin ich nicht, doch viel ist mir bewusst" (Goethe: Faust).
University of Copenhagen
Caesar non supra grammaticos
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Det er i dag et vejr
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I plan to live forever, as my username implies. In the event that I don't, I've taken out three genetic insurance policies (colloquially known as "children").
The image above (taken June 2003) shows the entire clan. That's me on the left, Lone on the right. The boys are Lucas, Noah and Herluf, in order, from the oldest to the youngest. The woman... represents one of my life's great mistakes.


Grace be to the gods of E2, you can /msg me using /msg lf

Attention: I am currently very busy, and may be unable to respond to most of my /msgs immediately. Forgive me for the delay - I'll respond as soon as I am able. If you can't wait, use the e-mail address provided further down this page.

Announcement: I am a member of the recipe usergroup, which maintains the Cookery metanode and its subordinate nodes. Please /msg me or any other member of the usergroup with corrections/additions to our list of cooking-related nodes. Thank you.

Following merciless pressure from BlueDragon (I'll get you back for this, dude!), I am now also a member of the E2_Science usergroup, which indexes scientists' biographies and scientific stuff on E2.

*SIGH* Pesky ol' Shro0m has convinced me to join the e2bakufu, which fiddles with all that Japanese stuff. I'm about to find out what karoshi means, first-hand.

I am also the primus inter pares leader of the E2 Nordic usergroup, e2nordic. This is a simple discussion group, for conversation in the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian languages (or reasonable facsimiles thereof).

Since I am now over 40 and hence eligible to gum my food while mumbling platitudes to unappreciative youths, GrayPanthers is the newest usergroup I've joined.

Secret identity when not patrolling the mean streets of E2:
Peter Ravn Rasmussen, mild-mannered Danish historian (b. April 16, 1965)

BA, University of Copenhagen (history / mediaeval studies)
Currently undertaking postgraduate studies for a degree (Danish degree corresponding to an extended MA, sometimes jokingly referred to as a "Ph.D. lite").

Recent academic work:

Other publications:

  • My translation into English of the Danish national anthem, Der er et yndigt land (ably noded by andersa - thank you, Anders!) was just published for the second time, in
    Kirsten Sevig: Denmark - A Coloring & Activity Book
    ISBN 1-57534-042-9

Item, three (3) sons, Lucas Ravn Rasmussen Sewerin (b. 1996), Noah Ravn Rasmussen Sewerin (b. 1999) and Herluf Elias Ravn Rasmussen Sewerin (b. April 11, 2003)
Item, one (1) mother of my children, Lone Sewerin (b. 1966)

Sites: ( - serious

Mail me at:
scholiast /at/ gmail /dot/ com

Everything2 cursus honorum:

* Not counting monkeys

Member of: recipe, E2parents, E2science, bakufu, e2nordic, GrayPanthers.

People I have Cooled:

27 times: Lucy-S
17 times: mauler
14 times: Dimview etouffee Jet-Poop
12 times: gn0sis TheDeadGuy
11 times: Gritchka
10 times: Segnbora-t sekicho iceowl
9 times: liontamer Lometa
8 times: Professor Pi sid Tiefling sam512 wertperch
7 times: Cletus the Foetus m_turner factgirl tes Evil Catullus jessicapierce The Custodian
6 times: TheBooBooKitty mblase arcanamundi JudyT riverrun Mitzi Glowing Fish SharQ legbagede
5 times: Carthag evilrooster Mortice agazade Grzcyrgba cbustapeck witchiepoo haze kthejoker GentlemanJim shaogo RoguePoet Gorgonzola junkpile hapax thbz
4 times: Alias Mother Jonez claypenny Apatrix Orange Julius rischi erevapisces dabcanboulet RalphyK Imprecation DejaMorgana Posmella Teiresias tongpoo mat catastrophe montecarlo doyle Footprints Chras4 Excalibre eliserh Tem42 kanoodle Rancid_Pickle grundoon originalzin Dreamvirus
3 times: Chattering Magpie zgirll Amoeba Protozoa kamamer etoile BlueDragon dann mattbw Ulumuri Chark chancel QXZ SEF Zarkonnen whizkid EasterBunny cordelia 00100 Oolong Webster 1913 LaggedyAnne sockpuppet pottedstu VAG Yurei anthropod mcc borgo jprockwell bol allseeingeye Junkill Igloowhite Quizro sirspens
Twice: ClockworkGrue shallot Gamaliel Kiwi Peach Pie AnotherMartini girlotron taschenrechner Jetifi shmOOnkie pOOnks NOTfnordian Great Neb lontjr Certified Geek Monkeylover Lady_Day dem bones Carwash_ NatchLucid WonkoDSane TallRoo Kidas ccunning impishlaugh Oslo koreykruse Andara dido pingouin Halcyon&on Lectrice atesh nine9 dutchess WolfKeeper Hexter Daoist_Dude futurebird anotherone Albert Herring amnesiac slyph Notelrac mowph MacArthur Parker bobbb21 moJoe andersa Shro0m Timeshredder baffo hodgepodge Saige TheLady StrawberryFrog LeoDV tandex radlab0 j3nny3lf DerekL vuo Noung avalyn Demeter hotthamir anamnesis DoctorX kiladogg Halcyonide GrouchyOldMan Trina lovejoyman kaytay panamaus enth e-lainey hunt05 graceness vandewal themusic ch'i-lin Sol Invictus dannye seeya Ariloulaleelay in10se aneurin annola Langdon jessicaj General Wesc teleny
Once: Frater 219 Jaez Purvis Ouroboros alanc Milen BelDion matsmats ephealy sludgeeel .derf advid LagMan iain Bitca Li Kao TaintedTex sten Anark Just Me RubenAzarja novasoy Mouthpiece meson Hooverdirt goneaway Zzzzzzippp Xydexx Squeakypony mofaha naked_ape rawprawn superjew avjewe Unless Sarcasmo Ælien Pseudo_Intellectual ryano junkets Clone Maayan hamster bong asterphage wunderhorn1 LaylaLeigh Aphrodite Wigs Illumina geeklizzard phenylketonurics MizerieRose bitter_engineer Jaz Rook zadignose TheLibra ailie mgriffithsuk exsanguination Behemoth Michalak O-Swirl moongirl GavinDot HongPong misuba s_alanet WolfDaddy Pyrogenic MacDonaldLarry Habakkuk DrSeudo emoin LX break Dis Jibra'il Siobhan SophiesCat Zach RevJim23 Chihuahua Grub jderrida Colorless Green Idea Leon Marconi wharfinger generic-man Awestruck Dove Zaf Thomas Miconi RimRod tardibear randir Ooomp Nero K9 bernstbj ConfusionThe Waitress buttress of windsor Chiisuta bearded_yak yaqub0r hobyrne HexFailure NotBridgetJones elflad Sverre TEHRoSS unperson benedicat kdribbs shokwave gambit32 Focus asterix chromaticblue Tlogmer machfive Webtoe Bacon the Rambler theboy burkingman Henry Blush Response warfride Laura Elizabeth thyme paladeen Frankie jpfed pimephalis knifegirl Quaisior codic HamsterMan sql*kitten NinjaPenguin Suvrat ideath cahla ChrisHall asegall PaynenDiaz ataraxia RainMirage mellamaphone Ereneta Splunge Cecil B. God Irfan Gone Jackal Toxick panic ellF karma debt Jadeness Ms. Anne Thrope blondino briglass BurningTongues fuzzy and blue 260.1054 Nekojin pacio49 jacob8er LolaTheTurtle Prophet4 ariels PiGuy Mandella Spasemunki nevermind_me nocodeforparanoia donfreenut Slendro Wuukiee some_guy JediBix783 Jinmyo Berek Omnidirectional Halo da-x sneff Augusta jethro bodine muegge drownzsurf Eos baumbart toalight magicmanzach pythagorous Jurph tusitala caknuck Truffle Taliesin's Muse nakigara MikeyK Tujague kalen fb10101 UDChris AgentNgo artfuldodger salimfadhley 10998521 Ferenczy No Springs Impartial Rev.Conor gwm lara68 meluseena dejiko RainnStarr mr100percent Gethsemane nosce nasreddin Supermerp katanil jisuanqi xiong 256k Pseudo_Intellectual trotw00d FireBanshee MAQ humbabba cebix teryne oceansleep -brazil- heppigirl Teo-lohi Mardy kaffir oakling tdent C-Dawg pfft loquacious tokki Wheat Thin apelet nanashi ac_hyper pelsmith Pender mobe MCX nerdygirl WickerNipple Scriblerus Gartogg IWhoSawTheFace Highlander small IronGoth Kenshi Wntrmute adidas gbulmer mrichich JosieWales auduster bipolarbear Braunbeck bender bewilderbeast sloebertje macro eien_meru saint paraclete Incorrigibleness CapnTrippy JohnnyGoodyear flamingweasel BrooksMarlin mordel Simulacron3 Space Cat ehud Cermain Tlachtga Sarabandegreen vegemite fondue CygnusA antikythera vwriter Tato Jabbi TheDoctor robwicks sensei mcSey Ahab Andrew Aguecheek Simpleton Bitriot gunpoint Swap lalala kerawall passport sehrgut twofourtysix sterling skongshoj Jack supruzragain zoeb iis aVheretic voltaireontoast Augustine drummergrrl RainDropUp henry flower ToasterLeavings Pointsman heyoka ReformedApostate Jaez perhapsadingo8yrbaby Inebriated Poet Aerobe One Angry Monkey Whiskeydaemon Scaevola DonJaime raincomplex Clarke Shepherd ring_wraith ignis_glaciesque kojaxs Heisenberg Uberfetus discofever Terranova Windrider tricia mcmillan rivenwanderer Hazelnut dichotomyboi TenMinJoe creases artman2003 Ancientsnow Croakery ascii Lennon mkb Oburo Ctrl Y lizardinlaw face lawnjart jem beldin NanceMuse vonCube clone19 corvus Mister Chu Serjeant's Muse

Echoes from /msg:

2001.11.05 at 22:13 Apatrix says that's ok, you Danes don't need to eat, you get enough calories from alcohol.

(Very true. *hic*)

2001.11.09 at 00:16 Chattering Magpie says I only regret I have but two C! to give to my community

(E2 expects every noder to do his duty)

2001.11.11 at 22:23 dem bones says Heh - "ideologically charming". Indeed. No two words could better sum up the USA than 'ideologically charming'.

2001.11.11 at 22:27 dem bones says Hamlet ran him through at the end ... that was good enough for me. (you Danes and your violence!)

(What, just because I remarked: "Gah. Hamlet was a wimp. Give me Amled, any old day. He had the balls to burn down the house and kill 'em all."?)

2001.11.21 at 23:19 taschenrechner says where in the world did you get to see Gay Niggers from Outer Space???

(All part of the joys of being Danish - I saw it at one of the annual Copenhagen Night Film Festivals)

2001.11.22 at 17:01 Cletus the Foetus says Peter, you are the (proverbial) MAN. Thank you very much for your kind words, and be assured, they're reciprocated.

(Memo to self: Must found the E2 Mutual Appreciation Clique, one of these days)

2001.11.22 at 23:28 rawprawn says Busy tonight, eh? - your knowledge of stuff I've never even heard of frightens me at times. :)

(I am but frail mortal dust, yet I endeavour to touch the stars. :-) )

2001.12.04 at 21:55 mdn says Damn, you really know almost everything! (As your homenode states.)

(I specialise in general knowledge :-) )

2001.12.10 at 23:26 Gritchka says re: Nicolaus of Lyra: probably only you and I properly appreciate this sort of thing, but that's enough :)

2002.05.17 at 23:15 TheDeadGuy says Can we be each other's nemesis? Both born the same year, philosophically opposite user names... oh, and I want to pledge that a random and ever changing percentage of my nodes will be factual.

(With an offer like that, how can one refuse? Everybody ought to have their own personal nemesis - now I do.)

2002.07.10 at 12:12 station23 says L'Assiette au Beurre is both excellent and obscure - just how i like it... how the $%&@ do you find this stuff?! (or do you have your extensive knowedge of the periodicals of the 1910's in the back of your mind at all times...?) ;-)

(I looked it up, after I came across a reference to it, in connection with Simplicissimus,
in an article about Punch in a Danish newspaper. How's that for obscure?)

2002.07.10 at 12:12 station23 says ..reckon that'd be about an 8.4 on the obscurity scale... which is fairly high, since the scale only goes up to 8.407.... (it's an obscure scale, after all....)

2003.4.24@9:30 Deckard97 says high is your waistline? (refers to photo) It looks like you're wearing those jeans up over your solar plexus.

(Take your pick: A) It's an illusion caused by the fact that I am bending over forwards with a kid on my back.
B) It's the same elevated waistline that you see on Florida's senior citizen contingent,
or C) I'm really 12 feet tall, and just didn't do a very good job of Photoshopping the pic to hide my freakishness.)

2003.4.24@9:43 Deckard97 says Well, if you are Danish, C) seems most overwhelmingly likely.

(BZZZT! Sorry, the correct answer is: Q) An enchilada. Thank you for playing.)

Echoes from the catbox:

May 31, 2002:
20:06 <donfreenut> liveforever isn't from around here. he doesn't know what a town hall is. where he's from they govern with sticks & rope.
20:08 <liveforever> No, donfreenut, we have progressed beyond rope. Now, we have duct tape.
20:09 <donfreenut> from rope to duct tape? that's like 4000 years of evolution right there.
20:12 <liveforever> donfreenut: I blame the Monolith. Ever since that dang thing showed up, things just ain't what they used to be.
20:14 donfreenut removes all pointy bones from within liveforever's reach
20:16 <liveforever> donfreenut: I've got one pointy bone you're not coming within arm's length of. Not unless you put on a slinky dress and pout girlishly, that is. :-)

- - o o O o o - -

June 23, 2002:
09:52 Impartial starts prodding newbies... go on.. say something silly so I can pick on you....
09:55 <liveforever> Impartial: Nonono, that doesn't work. You have to *lure* them. Here, watch.
09:56 liveforever holds out a freshly, picked Ching and waves it suggestively in the catbox... "Here, newbie-newbie-newbie. Heeere..."
09:56 Impartial is in no mood for subtlety. Just wanna break someone's spirit and watch them cry.
09:58 <Impartial> DAMN YOU liveforever! You made me crack a smile. All that carefully cultivated grumpiness wasted.
09:58 <liveforever> Yah, Impartial, I know - but you have to make them open up and share their little hopes and dreams, first. That way, it's more fun. Dontcha see?
10:00 Impartial leaves the luring bit to LF, and lies in wait to deliver killing blows.
10:01 Impartial thanks Trina, but prefers to do her own breakage. Otherwise I get all these damn girly sympathetic feelings and they dilute the grump.
10:03 <liveforever> Can't have us no girly sympathetic feelings here, that would stifle the ambience.

- - o o O o o - -

July 24, 2002:
11:09 liveforever looks at his editor log, and notices that he hasn't nuked very many nodes, this month. Feels withdrawal symptoms. "Must...nuke...something."
11:10 The Librarian begins the chant, do it, do it do it...
11:13 liveforever 's hand trembles over the Big Red Button. "Must...restrain...Hand...of...Doom."
11:14 <Selkrank> liveforever: Nuke your home node?
11:14 liveforever begs any newbies present to node something insipid, just so he can cure the shakes.
11:15 <The Librarian> Go on, you know you want to, think of the children...
11:15 Linca chants along
11:15 <liveforever> Selkrank: It may come to that. I'm beginning to see snakes and spiders.
11:19 <Spackle> My only interest in seeing McFlurry nuked is due to my curiosity about what would happen after it was nuked.
11:22 <liveforever> Spackle: Bad things. It's not commonly revealed to noders of less-than-admin status, but Butterfinger McFlurry is actually the linchpin of E2. Nuke it, and all the rest of this tottering edifice collapses.
11:22 <The Librarian> The node with the most cools wouldn't read like semi digested pap, the most vocal noders would complain bitterly and the overall standard of the nodegel would rise... all good things.
11:23 <Linca> wasnt I will REMOVE the fucking toilet seat if you don't shut up a definition at some point?
11:23 <thbz> ... and the newbies would wonder why the other w/u in the same node has 110 rep points.
11:24 <liveforever> That's why the "Nuke Butterfinger McFlurry" button is a BRB. Clearly marked "To be pressed only in extremis."
11:24 <thbz> ... and the newbies would wonder why the other w/u in the same node has 110 rep points.
11:27 thbz is rather ashamed of seeing his own msg 3 times.
11:29 <liveforever> thbz: It made sense, all three times. Dinnae fash yerself.
11:30 <The Librarian> Out of curiosity, does anyone argue for keeping that thing aside from the dicks who C!hinged it?
11:32 <Selkrank> I don't understand why it has been C!'d.
11:32 <Selkrank> I think it was crap.
11:33 liveforever is reluctant to expose any of the dicks in question, besides the ones who have exposed themselves by C!ing it.
11:33 <liveforever> ...but yes, there is considerable argument in its favour.
11:34 <Linca> well considering that apparently one tenth of those that have C! power cooled it...
11:34 The Librarian would love to hear them.
11:35 < station23> I reckon this is much better than old Butterfingers, and more or less achieves the same aim
11:35 <Linca> It probably means at least an important minority wants to keep it.
11:35 Zerotime ponders voting on the Toilet Seat node. Up or down?
11:36 <thbz> Zerotime: women would say down, men would say up.
11:36 <Fruan> What do you want to hear? I'll tell you this, however; I like it. It makes me laugh. A lot. What more could be asked of an attempt at humour?
11:36 <Linca> well, does it deserve an upvote?
11:36 <Xenex> Some things are best left neutral.
11:38 station23 wonders whether a toilet seat can be left in neutral...
11:39 <liveforever> For the record, I've downvoted Butterfinger McFlurry, but upvoted the toilet seat WU.
11:40 The Librarian would like to hear that nodeas are judged on quality and content rather than the fact they make cute in jokes.
11:40 station23 wonders whether a toilet seat can be left in neutral...
11:40 WWWWolf didn't mind the toilet seat thing (aside of the fact that it's vastly overrated). The butterfinger crap needs to go.
11:42 <The Librarian> For those of you that need a clue, in jokes suck from the outside.
11:43 <Spackle> for the record: I close my eyes and randomly click on the screen when I want to vote. Sometimes I upvote, sometimes I downvote, sometimes I end up in Powerpoint.
11:45 <borgo> opinion, nodes like the infamous butterfinger and toilet seat are contoversial in nature and therefore garner much attention. To me it's too easy - I shall now node "I like to make love with the sound of farm animals in the backround" and wait for vote

My nodegel is a mess:

 | @                                                                                                               
 |  @                                                                                                              
 |          @    @                                                                                                 

 |                     @                                                                                           
 | @              @                                                                                                
 |  @                                                                                                              
 |                             @                                                                                   
 |   @                                                                                                             
 |         @                                                                                                       
 |             @         @                                                                                         
 |                       @             @                                                                           
 |    @                                                                                                            
 |  @                                                                                                              
 |    @                       @                                                                                    
 |  @             @                                                                                                
 |             @                                                                                                   
 |                           O                                                                                     
 | O       @ O O               @                                                                                   
 | @  @    @                                             D                                                         
 | @        @                                                                                                      
 |  OO@@OO   OO                           D                                                                   @    
 | @O@@O@O@dO@OOO@@@   @          @                                                                                
 | @O@O@@@OOO@O@@O@@OO@  @    @  @                                                                                 
 | @@OOd@OOOOO@OO@@@O@O@O                          @                                                          @    
 | OOO@OO@OOOO@OO@OOO@O@O@       @                                                                                 
 | @O@@@@O@OO@OOO@@OO@OOO@O@     @                                                                                 
 | @@@OO@@O@OOOOOO@@@@O@@@OOO@ @ O  O                                                                              
 | @@Od@@O@OOOOOO@OOOOOOO@OOOOO@@                                                                               @  
 | @OdOO@@O@@@OO@@OOO@O@@@OO@@O        O                                                                           
 | OOOOOOOOODO@@OO@@OOOOOOO@@@O@O O                                                                                
 | OO@OOO@@@@OO@O@@@OO@OOOO@O@@@                        @                                                          
 | OO@OO@D@O@OO@OOOO@OO@@OOO@OO@@     @ O                                                                        @ 
 | @@d@OOOO@OOO@OOO@@@O@@@@OO@@OO    O                    @       O                                                
 | @OOO@OOOOOO@@@@@O@O@@@OOOO@OO@O                   @                                                             
 | O@O@O@OOOOO@@OOO@OOO@OOOOOO@@OOO   @       O     O      @                                                       
 | @@@O@O@O@OO@O@OO@OO@OOO@@@O@OOOO                                                                             @  
 | OO@OOOOOOOO@O@OO@O@OOOOd@O@OOOOO                                                                   @            
 | @OOOOOOOO@OOOOOOOOOOOOO@OO@OO@OO  @@@   O            O                                                          
 | @O@OOOOOOOOO@OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO@OOO         @      OO                                                              
 | O@OO@@OOOOOOOO@OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO@O        O               O                                                       
 | O@OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO                                      d                                         
 | OOO@OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO@OO                                                                                
 | OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO                                                                                  
 | OOO      O  O    O                                       @                                   @                  
0+---------------------------------------d-------------------------------------------------------------------------> now

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