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School has been fired; Company has been expelled.
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If ya love me so much, why doncha /msg me? (/msg alien, now --thanks, dannye!)

However, if you're still 1337, my ligate is &0198.

I collect smiles. Here's some of what I've got so far:

stand/alone/bitch says :-)
captainno says ;-)
jaubertmoniker says like this (smile)?
cordelia says *smile*
amnesiac says :)^_^
Romany says x:-)
WolfDaddy says |-) <--- that's Geordi LaForge smiling at you.
hookskies says here's a smile 4 ya... (*_*)
Achromatic says smiles? How about [8^) ?
Lometa says oh! *smiles* Here ya go!
a scar faery says /me grins ear-to-ear. have a smile.
N-Wing says 8-) 8-P 8-þ Of course, you can also do that with and without glasses and noses.
ocelotbob says =3 <-- A feline smile for your collection
Berek says Here's a smile! :o)
Eos says |-<8oD <--Happy clown wearing a beanie.
nocodeforparanoia says here's for your collection- (~grin~)
Jongleur says Here ya' go - ☺
Sverre says I got attracted to your homenode by your nice, first letter (Æ). Are you Scandinavian? Here's a smile for you: :-D
babyraver says I'm trying to figure this place out!!! *confused* I want to send you a smiley... will this even work I wonder? "^_^"
LaggedyAnne says you need this kitty for your smiley collection: >^..^<
RainnStarr says A *bright smile* for you from New York.
radlab0 says oh, and hey, (:
st0rm says smile (sort of) ------->>> <ô_o>

Other nice things people have said about me:
Igloowhite says HAHAHAHHA! YOU are a badass motherfucker
Segnbora-t says Aww, you're so sweet.
<panamaus> AElien looks like Galt, only taller and a bit cuter.
SEF says Ælien is blindingly handsome. A fact that is not often mentioned.

It's like being one person, but eating twice.

I was born in the inner reaches of a disturbed mind. I was nursed on poison and pride. My hobbies include disturbing the peace, destruction of intellectual property, and shattering ideals.

AIM: orionshredder
ICQ: 97600708

GCS/MU>$ d-(---) s++:+ a-- C++ P L++ E- W++@ N+(--) o? K? w>++
O--- M-- !V PS++(+++) PE- Y+ PGP t--@ 5- X R- tv+>-- b++ DI++ D++
G++ e+>+++ h! r%(++) z++

This is how you remind me.

(Estoy en amor contigo cuando no estás mirando.)


I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts...

Deedle-de dee

If I put you on this list, it's because I worship your toenail clippings regularly:
  • Kefabi -- Half-Korean surfer-dude-talking computer nerd.
  • Andara -- Living proof that you don't have to be a kid to believe in magic.
  • rp -- The voice of reason. And TV's Bababooie!
  • stand/alone/bitch -- It has come to my attention that she says 'git'. I take it all back.
  • longwinter -- Eloquent, demure, not to be fucked with.
  • Pseudo_Intellectual -- Logic? Me?
  • Jet-Poop -- Imaginative and damn funny.
  • Uberfetus -- Look, up in the sky! It''s! Ewwww...
  • ToasterLeavings -- Why you should never conceive on 6 hits of acid...
  • Quizro -- Now in convenient Quiet Riot CD form.
  • thefez -- Disagree and feel his wrath.
  • moJoe -- If the anti-christ had a sense of humor.
  • --OutpostMir-- -- Everyone else likes him, why can't I?
  • swankivy -- was probably never fat in the first place.

That's all for now. If you want to be on this list, just write something really amazing.

I'm not in love with you anymore, said the liar.