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A cheerful heart is good medicine! (Proverbs 17:22)
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It is fitting that people appear, write, and then fade away; that others come to take their places, and say the same things in different ways. But there comes a point at which you have to ask yourself: is this still the same ship any more. Who are we writing for, and why? Things change, far more quickly than people do. It is time to move on.

"Then began a curious three-cornered altercation. Alternately I appealed to one and another of the three men,-- first to the grey-haired man to let me land, and then to the drunken captain to keep me aboard. I even bawled entreaties to the sailors. Montgomery said never a word, only shook his head. "You're going overboard, I tell you," was the captain's refrain. "Law be damned! I'm king here." At last I must confess my voice suddenly broke in the middle of a vigorous threat. I felt a gust of hysterical petulance, and went aft and stared dismally at nothing."
The Island of Doctor Moreau by Wells, H.G.

A snippet of E2's history:
E2gods' storytime, December 3, 2007

English doesn't borrow from other languages. It follows them down dark alleys, knocks them over, and goes through their pockets for loose grammar.
-James D Nicoll

Some words of encouragement:

My favorite definition of E2, it made me laugh:
    "I found this place on the web," I say. "It's full of writers. Good ones. They're all over the place like some kind of weird headless death cult of writer apostles. I've written some things for them and they're NICE to me. They tell me if they love stuff or hate it. They threaten to castrate me when I insult the bands they like. I feel like I'm home. These people, they think like me. It's called Everything2. They have these rules. Dole out points. It makes them write better, they think. They really try to make each other happy with their writing. They can't stop. They write a]nd write because their genes make them do it.

    Weird headless death cult of writer apostles

Manly man poetry at its best:
IWhoSawTheFace hopes for pentameters mangled, and iambs jingled, and Lometa jangled.

Some much loved messages from friends:
    etouffee says I know you posted the Wisalawa Szymbroska poem a while ago-- but today in a bookstore is the first time I sat and read a few of her poems- and was- of course- humbled and inspired and thrilled--all of those- for such a view of the world- one who embraces contradictions (a view I share) and sees every little silence as significant - how wonderful - thank you again for posting- I am reminded- once more -how much your work here educates/inspires us all-- happy new year for you and yours----
    sensei says Life is good, but sometimes not nice.

    dem bones says Your work here is nothing short of brilliant, you know. Nobody does it quite like you do.

    GrouchyOldMan says WhDaYa mean SOMEDAY? They quail before our mad Admin skillz! Only a madder a time before they annoint you LoLo, Gawdess of Editorial Qualitas, to preside over the befuddled masses.

    2007-01-08@5:09 Rancid_Pickle says Ya know, you're just a big bucket of wonderful. Just thought I'd say thanks for your work on E2, and for your writeups.

    etouffee says re: Dover...In four years/ on and off..reading/writing here...this is one of the best things EVER. period. EVER. It made me proud to be a part of this site.

    Mitzi says sweet Lo! . You're one of the people who make up the heart of E2 - and that is what makes this place so special.
    (/me ♥'s Mitzi!)

    GrouchyOldMan says says No more Mr. Nice guy! It's all Grouch all da time!!!

    TheDeadGuy says One thing I think I know about you is that you are one of those who loves with their heart and not their pride. You radiate warmth. Thank you for being here.

    jessicapierce says oh lady. those cookies. holy man oh man. that was the recipe i've been trying to duplicate for about fifteen years. no foolin. thank you.

    sid says Expecting that, I almost /msg-ed you earlier to say thanks wasn't necessary. That little bit of excitement one gets when a new Lometa piece appears on the New Writeups list is thanks enough (plus the knowledge that it is well written, researched, and says interesting).

    Habakkuk says Thank you for the C! I will say that it was worth writing it just to receive the following "Hey, Habakkuk, Lometa just cooled your tacky writeup, baby!" Heh

    IWhoSawTheFace says You're an amazingly erudite woman. I keep underestimating you and you always surprise me. What an asset you are to this collective.

    18thCandidate says Your Henry Morgan writeup is FANTASTIC! I have great admiration for anyone who can turn a boring factual writeup into something that reads like the best fiction, and you nailed it. You're an inspiration to a new noder like me.
    EDB says grrr...

    sneff says Fried Okra is a treasure. We are just so lucky to have it - and you. This is food writing that is so sensual and laden with careful metaphor that I can just hear the sizzle and taste the bacon grease dripping off the okra. It puts most journalism in food mags to shame. And we have it. Bravo.

    JohnnyGoodyear says
      As though I could dream of teaching you,
      as if I would dare to edit you

      Silly billy.
      Commas come cheap,
      feeling can never be bought.
      How about this;
      when they have the right voice on PBS or NPR to recite,
      I will guess you my pauses?

    Quizro says Here's the format for msging the onliners: /msg? e2religion Dear Lometa, I suspect you're putting the ? after the usergroup name. Love, Quiz.

    Lometa says aha! you are right! it's been so long I had forgotten *keeps the friendly lil love note* "

    Quizro says Hee hee.

    factgirl says Lomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeta you have gifted me with a C! and I thank yoooooooooooouuu. I am glad you liked one of my write ups and I hope someday I make another one you enjoooooooooooooy! *smooch*

    dannye says I love the way you can express your faith through your words w/o beating folks over the head w/ it. That's a special talent.

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