A pejorative whose original meaning was a second-generation bastard. Therefore it directly connotates as being the male equivalent of "son of a bitch". Modern usage, however (or at least in Scotland, and certain other parts of the UK), has tended towards the word having a bipartite meaning and inflection. It can, on one hand be an insult, and yet on the other can be something said between friends... e.g. sad git (loser); tight-fisted git (miser); etc., etc.

British Slang

Just to add my two penn'orth to this, Merriam-Webster gives the definition as "git n [var. of get, term of abuse, fr. get] (1943) Brit: a foolish or worthless person"

The probable use of the word as an insult likely originated with the use of "get" in the sense of offspring (think beget). By the 16th Century, the word was being used in Scotland and the North of England to describe someone who was illegitimate, a bastard in the original and strictest sense of the word.

James Joyce uses the older spelling (and meaning) in Ulysses in 1922: "The bloody thicklugged sons of whores' gets!" ¹
Modern use is more general - it is a mild insult, often used in a jocular or even somewhat affectionate manner, as in "you daft git", but is often used to describe older people - Harry Enfield had two characters known as 'The Old Gits'. This contrasts with 'twerp', which is more associated with young people.

Interestingly, "get" seems to be used with increasing frequency as you move north through England and into Scotland, which to my mind, confirms this origin and usage.

Finally, I've since learned that "git" is a source code management tool, developed by Linus Torvalds for Linux. Whilst I feel unqualified to comment on the software itself, I will add one comment from Linus himself, who is quoted as saying "I'm an egotistical bastard, and I name all my projects after myself. First Linux, now git".

Albert Herring says - also note the Beatles' (or Lennon's specifically) "...and curse Sir Walter Raleigh, he was such a stupid get." (I'm so tired, white album).
Gorgonzola says re Git: There are several infamous lines from Monty Python, which I will not bore you by quoting.

¹ http://www.worldwidewords.org

As a British guy who lived in Utah for a while, I would say that the closest American equivalent is "Jerk". It can be used either offensively or inoffensively.

"You git! You spilled my pint!"
"You are a selfish, two-timing heartless git and I never want to see you again."

Official site:

Fan site (by me):

A country/gospel/folk/roots band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. They have been playing around Melbourne for quite a few years and toured the USA in 2003.

UPDATE - 17th June 2004
Since last year when I saw almost every one of their residency gigs, I have got to know the band much better and the fan site was produced with their approval (I had to transcribe the lyrics from their CD to do it.) I still try to get to most of their gigs if I can, but I have been going to see other bands lately.

Band Members:

Sarah Carroll - acoustic guitar, lead & harmony vocals
I seem to talk to Sarah the most when I go see the band on Sunday afternoons. She talks a lot during their set and likes to play around. Recently she accidentally broke a light fitting when playing with a pair of giant green HULK HANDS - this was straight after I told her to be careful what she hit with them.

Trish Anderson - electric guitar, lead & harmony vocals
She doesn't talk as much as Sarah during their set, but still is an important member of the band. She was playing with Sarah and the HULK HANDS when they broke the light.

Suzannah Espie - semi-acoustic guitar, lead & harmony vocals
The rock-chick of the band who likes to joke that she is a bimbo as she writes a lot of songs about men. She has long blonde hair in golden ringlets and of course I have a bit of a crush on her. Suzannah eating her lunch during the HULK HANDS incident.

Phil McLeod - double bass

Matt Ryan - double bass (no longer in the band)

Philomena Carroll - double bass, harmony vocals (no longer in the band.)

Sweet (six track EP)
Autumn Love
Honey Tree
Pick Up Truck
Marry Me
The World is full of Beautiful Men

GIT Live! - The Rising Sun Sessions
(from the liner notes)
Git is a band that talks a lot. According to Steve Bates, who recorded most of these tracks, we could have concurrently released a 2 CD spoken word album so the smattering of chat enlivening these sessions show our restraint, rather than our excess! We talk & laugh on stage because we're having such a great time. The best times (& the worst!) were had at the sadly defunct Rising Sun Hotel in North Carlton, Vic. We played there for 3 years & the place felt like our lounge room, ours to relax in, decorate at will and invite friends old & new. Gordon Stanwix, publican at the Rising Sun was there for every note & was never less than 100% supportive of us. We miss him, Brendon & the girls & The Rising Sun, one of the great old venues in Melbourne.

Five of the tunes here come from last Easter's National Folk Festival in Canberra, where, as the only girl outfit featuring electric guitar, we slayed 'em. Thanks to John McFarlane, Peter McNeil & Art Sound FM, Canberra for these recordings. Great shimmering heaps of gratitude go to our menfolk (Chris, Michael, Ian & dear friend Matt) & our children (especially Maxine who attended the recordings in utero) who love what we do nearly as much as we do. Thanks to Paul Rigby...our Arthur Daley. To Phillomena Carrol whose gracious yet somehow rockin' presence took Git to another level. We love ya Philly xxx. Finally to our darling regular punters - we're so lucky to have you, & we hope you hear yourselves on this album. Shut up & enjoy GIT LIVE!


1. Just a Closer Walk With The - 5:41 (P.D.)
2. Red Velvet - 2:56 (P.D.)
3. Fenders - 4:01 (P. Anderson)
4. Tumblin' Tumbleweeds - 2:47 (Nolan)
5. Walkin' in Jerusalem - 2:02 (P.D.)
6. Move Along Train - 4:10 (Staples)
7. If I could hear my mother pray again - 2:16 (Staples)
8. Pre song rave...(band banter)
9. When You're Gone - 6:15 (S. Espie)
10. I Believe in the Man in the Sky - 2:10 (Trad, arr:Elvis)
11. Honey Tree - 3:27 (T. Anderson)
12. Nobody Here with Me - 3:49 (S. Carroll)
* 13. Waiting for You - 2:17 (P. Anderson)
* 14. That's What's Wrong with the Church Today - 3:19 (The Consoling Clouds of Joy)
* 15. Tents'n'Tucker...(band banter)
* 16. Wasteland - 4:11 (Riders in the Sky)
* 17. Ring of Fire - 2:54 (June Carter Cash)
18. Lippy Rave...(band banter)
19. If I could hear my mother pray again ('rearrangement')
* - from the National Folk Festival in Canberra

GIT @ The Old Colonial 2nd March 2003

After hearing them on the radio in the afternoon (which apparently they only found out about at the last minute) I decided to take the tram up to Fitzroy and check them out. Their performance on the show included a rendition of the Sex Pistols' "God Save The Queen" which they managed to make sound cute and not threatening at all.

The three members of the band that were playing today where Sarah on guitar & vocals, Susannah on lead guitar and vocals and Tracey on Bass and vocals. There were also two other blokes helping them on Double Bass and Banjo.

They play in a country/gospel style and are all very attractive (especially Suzannah), but I noticed their kids/husbands in the audience so don't go getting any ideas.

The lounge bar at the Old Colonial is large and comfortable with good sound (according to the bands that play there) you can also get a meal after about six and eat it while the band is playing.

Git played two sets including my favourite from the first set "Euphonious Whale" as it had the members singing "MEOW MEOW MEOW, MEOW MEOW, MEOW MEOW", "TWEET TWEET TWEET, TWEET TWEET, TWEET TWEET" and "BOW-WOW BOW WOW, BOW WOW, BOW WOW" at various times throughout the song.

Also good was "I'll Fly Away" from the O'Brother Were Art Thou soundtrack and several of their other songs (I ended up buying their live CD of the band performing at the Rising Sun Hotel).

Special mention must go to their new song "Flowers" and the Hawaiian war chant that they sung as the encore which are excellent.

I would rate this band up there with The Prayerbabies as one of the best live bands in Melbourne at the moment and the best thing is that they are performing at the same place next week and will be starting a residency there after Easter.

Git (?), n. Founding

See Geat.


© Webster 1913.

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