An infamous painting by Marcel Duchamp, produced in 1912.

It caused a major controversy when it was displayed at the Armory Show 1913. This had the effect of making Duchamp into a household word and he then moved to the US from his native France. Painted in a style of cubism, yet with motion depicted like that used in futurism. One of the first pieces of abstract art shown in the US. It was mercilessly satirized in the press. Being completely unfamiliar with any abstract art, one reviewer said that contrary to its title, it looked more like "an explosion in a shingle factory!"

It was purchased by Louise and Walter Arensberg who displayed it on the wall of their home for many years. In the end they donated their entire collection to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Other works by Duchamp:

Clifford, Henry, "Louise and Walter Arensberg Collection", Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA, 1954
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