1) Timon of Athens
Legendary misanthrope, mentioned ca. 400 BCE in a comedy by the Greek playwright Aristophanes. Later, both Plutarch and Lucian used him as a character, and from them, William Shakespeare derived the material for his play Timon of Athens (c. 1607).

2) Timon of Phleios
Greek philosopher and satirical poet, a student of Pyrrhon and our best source of information on Pyrrhon's skepticism. Timon wrote a number of mocking poems (silloi), in which he poked fun at contemporary and historical dogmatic philosophers.

3) Timon
An animated character appearing in the Disney animated feature film The Lion King, as well as in its sequel, The Lion King II: Simba's Pride and a number of television shorts. Timon (a meerkat, or suricate) and his friend Pumbaa the warthog are typical Disney sidekick figures, comedic and ever-so-slightly annoying.

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