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Mauler translated my favourite poem from Danish: "Måske en martsnat" by Grethe Risbjerg Thomsen. For this, I am truly grateful.

Perhaps a Night in March

I die a little bit for every second that goes past.
I’ll carry death within me, until I breathe my last.
One night – perhaps a night in March – when snowmelt has begun,
I’ll fade away into the dark, at last my dying done.

For grundoon and wertperch, with love.


Welcome to my homenode. Please leave your expectations in the basket by the door.

I am the proud Grandmother of Fniggles, born on March 21, 2008, and Womble, born on August 5, 2011.

Pictures of Fniggles can always be found here, while pics of Womble is here.




My writeups, categorized:


Wrestlers (sumotori):
Asashoryu / Taiho / Chiyonofuji / Tochiazuma / Kokkai / Kotooshu / Chiyotaikai / Kaio / Kotonowaka / Wakanohana / Roho / Hakuho / Tochinonada / Dejima / Kakizoe

Officials, helpers, etc.:
Gyoji / Shimpan / Tachimochi / Tsuyuharai / Ozeki / Maegashira / Tokoyama / Tsukebito

Sumo for Beginners / Basho / Tachiai / Seigen jikan / Mawashi / Dohyo / Kengamine / Shobudawara / Dohyoiri / Henka / Keshomawashi / Banzuke / Oichomage / Shikona / Danpatsushiki / Kenshokin / Sumo Special Prizes / Sumo Primer / Akeni / Yumitorishiki / Tegata / Tegatana o kiru / sagari / kachikoshi / makekoshi / kadoban / kachinokori / ozewake / sekizeki / chikaramizu / janomenosuna / shikiri/ shikirisen

Yorikiri / Oshidashi / Uwatenage / Hatakikomi / Shitatenage / Okuridashi / Kotenage / Hikiotoshi / Uchari / Yoritaoshi / Isamiashi / Tsukiotoshi / Kirikaeshi / Sukuinage / Sotogake / Uchigake / Ashitori / Fusenhai

Non-sumo writeups:

September 10, 2005 / Kids learning social skills, having fun as they go / October 8, 2005 / The right hand knows not... / Lawn mower madness / Scaring kids is so much fun / Always back up your nodes, people / I miss my house, my fortress / Things you really don't want to discuss with your mother / Sometimes, knocking someone to the floor is the kindest thing you can do to them / Computers - or the lack hereof... / Good bye, Frank / One year down... / These trees were made for climbing / Another day at work / The maternal unit baffles yet again / I like big guns / Notes in the lunch box / The weirdest thing / The quest for a passport / The quest for a passport, take two / I have never, ever even been on an airplane / Coming to America / Taking from a thief / A smiling bus driver / Angling for sympathy / My Mom... again / Same old, same old / I just hate it when that happens / Suddenly citizen / The most drunk I have ever been / A jumbled collection of randomness / A prison of her own making / Seems to be all downhill from here / Fniggles' birthday / My son's wedding / Another daylog about my mom / The second to last daylog about my Mom / He took her to the woods (fiction, for the "March of the Monsters" mini quest) / Sirens / Sumo / My quest for reading material / New York City 2010

Pibgorn / Jungle Night / The brothers Lionheart / Dark horse / Webmaster / Sucking Vacuum / The Big Idea / Dragon Stone / Two years before the mast / Chimera

(entry for 2005 Halloween Quest): Who knocks within?
(entry for 2006 Halloween Quest): prey / They say the prettiest girls get to be angels / Tag, you're dead
(entry for 2007 Halloween Quest): Off the catwalk, into the dark
(entry for 2008 Halloween Quest): Part one - That one makes me scream, she said / Part two - Walking in the dark, you see such strange sights / Forever yours

(entry for the 2007 E2 Quest: More Than Walls): This is our place
(entry for Prosenoder's Cup 2007): Dreaming of Anna (entry #27)
(entry for Gone in Sixty Seconds 2007 - A Theatre Quest): Perspective (entry #18)
A five word challenge from TheDebutante: Forgiveness is a double-edged sword
A general challenge from TheDeadGuy: Why I love Everything2
(entry in "(in the mist)": a collaborative writing experiment): tired (in the mist)

"Science" fiction story in two parts: 1. Just One Of Those Days and 2. Now is the time

Jinn in a tin: 1. Genie, meanie, miny, mo, 2. Jinn fizz, 3. Gone wishin'

The pwning of Judas / Some nights, alone, he thinks of her, and some nights, alone, she thinks of him / At night, she still believes in him / One day we will burn / Past perfect future unknown / Show me the mask that you hide beneath the mask that you wear

Briefcase full of souls - part I, chapter 6, Briefcase full of souls - part II, Chapter 4: a collaborative story.

Copenhagen Beer Days / Brutalis / Frederik's church / Moses Hansen / (entry for e2 Geography Quest, 2009): Hundige / Deep in the Woods

Nodermeet and aftermath nodes:
Dublin Nodermeet aftermath node / Britnoders go wild aftermath node / The Cologne nodermeet aftermath node / Beer! Mermaids! Jazz! The grand Copenhagen birthday-meet of 2009

Sticky Chocolate Cake

I have met the following noders in the Real World:
liveforever, andersa, bipolarbear, IWhoSawTheFace, momomom, Scribe, cbustapeck, randombit, Gorgonzola, jubal, Major General Panic, unperson, JellyfishGreen, darl, Wntrmute, kohlcass, ReiToei, Cloudstrife, Haruspex, The_Lady, TheDebutante, spiregrain, la_petite_mort, StrawberryFrog, k9, paraclete, Heisenberg, sloebertje, Hazelnut, Kizor, panamaus, montecarlo, izubachi, BaronWR, AndrewAguecheek, sam512, DTal, archiewood, rootbeer277, DonJaime, Junkill, AspieDad, voltaireontoast, soren015, dichotomyboi, Evil Catullus, zyklon, lizardinlaw, LaggedyAnne, sessor, karma debt, mordel, Wiccanpiper, Corcis, BrooksMarlin, vandewal, Wuukiee, genetic, mcc, Ouroboros, sauth, enth, qousqous, icicle, m_turner, Orange Julius, Swap, Two Sheds, void_ptr, Glowing Fish, GhettoAardvark, BookReader, chaotic poet, ccunning, Andromache01, RoguePoet, grundoon, wertperch, dent-de-lion, ideath, The Custodian, lediablerouge, and sockpuppet...


People I have spoken with on a "video/audio" (Skype and WengoPhone) connection on the 'net (but not yet met):
Senso, Mouesh, Whiskeydaemon, and Viki....

I think that writing daylogs is fun. Daylogs let me tell the anecdotal little stories that come to mind. The everyday adventures. Sometimes my daylogs get upvotes, and that's cool. Daylogs are about sharing, sort of. Sharing thoughts the way you do when you chat with friends. I like that.

(Wohoo! I made 1000 xp on September 15 2005. Whaddaya know...!?)
I made 3333 xp on February 19, 2006... Cool.
I made 4444 xp on April 20, 2006. I like it when I have some kind of palindromic xp score.
I made it to 9999 xp on January 5, 2007. Now THAT was cool!
And I got my 100th C! on June 14, 2006. Given on Hakuho by dannye. You guys are just too sweet...
My 200th C! was given to me by eien_meru, on a daylog, no less.
Also my wu #100 was a daylog.




E2 is unfriendly to new noders... I don't know. I never felt unwelcome. Sure my first w/u was deleted, but I never got any snide remarks or anything. A couple of downvotes (2, I think). A kind msg from rootbeer277 with an explanation and some hints.

As I'm a factual noder I'm on fairly safe ground most of the time. I guess my w/us would be boring to someone not interested in sumo, and I do get the occasional downvote - but on the whole I think E2 is pretty much what you make it. It's a lot like real life...




Well... If you really must know, I was born in 1959 (wow... time flies, doesn't it?) and I'm an April's fool.


I'm rather deficient in the Y-chromosome-departement, and I have two kids, of whom I am immensely proud. My SO is a astrophysicist (immensely proud, again), and I work with children.


I live in Denmark, in lovely Copenhagen, and you'd need a really big crowbar to shift me from here.

As I have mentioned above, I can be a real pain in the... backside. People usually forgive me, though.

Did I mention that I am a huge sumo-fan...?



I like to look at homenodes. They say a lot about the noder who wrote it. I have probably looked at your homenode too...


Memorable catbox comments

<TheDeadGuy> "If The Ass Is Tight I Won't Put Up A Fight" would make a great bumper sticker.

<Tem42> /help
<Tem42> Well, that didn't help at all...
<rootbeer277> type /help help for help on help
<Tem42> Some of us are stupider than you ever imagined.
<Tem42> Well, that's just cool.

<Matthew> I once knew a family from the church I went to as a child that had 14 kids. They're up to at least 15 now...
<Whiskeydaemon> It's a vagina, not a clown car.

<Jet-Poop> When I tell Hispanic people about my queso recipe, they laugh for a while, then they cry, then they hit me with a shovel. It is a fascinating and colorful culture.

<tentative> Nokia phones are indestructable. At least mine was.

<thefez> I usually look for those kids who wear their pants low and see if they have nice boxers. If I like what I see I swerve the van into them and collect their drawers.
Dimview chortles
<tentative> Come to my school. Some of the guys have sweet boxers.
<OldMiner> Got to be careful to hit them just hard enough to knock them out, but not so hard that they soil themselves. Would defeat the purpose.

<tkeiser> "Bromance" is the current term for a platonic super-friendship between two straight guys, or a straight guy and a closet case, or two closet cases, a girl and a pizza place.

Jet-Poop hits Auduster with a gazelle
<Auduster> That man really likes beating me with livestock.
<Auduster> I'm glad he's not Indian.
<Auduster> I've no desire to get slapped in the musch with an ox.

This was brought about by me typoing "register"...
<Simulacron3> We could do it Webbie-style as Regoster: vt., vit, To goster after having gostered once already.
<Simulacron3> Goster: n., a person who gosts regularly or as by habit; a person who has gosted at least once.
<Rapscallion> Gost: v., the action performed by a goster or one who gosts.
<Simulacron3> You are hired, Raps.
<jessicaj> What are you folks gosting about now?
<sam512> Gost: adj., most go-ish. (See go, goer)
<Simulacron3> See: synonym for confer (cf. confer)
<jessicaj> Gost: noun. A goth who is past their prime. Usage: Formerly Ed was a savage goth, now he's merely a gost of his former self.
<Simulacron3> Gost: goth in translation
<jessicaj> A transitioning goth?
<Simulacron3> Silly: A state that results for excessive gosting and regosting.
<jessicaj> Dimview is the first person I've ever seen regost. Before today I didn't even know such a thing was possible.

Also, heard on IM:
(7:27:02 PM) Vik: well, my cd drive is acting supa gay
(7:27:26 PM) Vik: its like its having sex with my software on the inside
(7:27:32 PM) Vik: freaking machines

<OldMiner> Sim3: Syntax is "/msg{dem_bones Simulacron3 penis_monster rootbeer277} I know one of you took my binky, and you better get it back to me with all three eyes intact!" Note the lack of space before { and spaces between usernames.

<OldMiner> The Custodian: If you're using the chatterbox nodelet (as opposed to chatterlight), temporarily confirmation of sent messages is not available.
<Simulacron3> I wouldn't know. Nobody responds to my messages anyway.
<DonJaime> kthejoker improved something so that it works better but because of something else that we improved a long time ago that improvement means that that bit gets disimproved.

<sam512> <ia><cthulhu src="r'lyeh" alt="Unimaginable horror" height="larger than your mere human mind can comprehend" width="400"></ia>
<RedOmega> His tentacled maw gaping like the portal to a deeper hell.
<sam512> More like an <iframe>.
<Oolong> His tentacled maw gaping like an iframe
<Oolong> ...I dunno, somehow that just doesn't seem quite as creepy to me.

Btw: I am Dimstress on AIM. But do tell me your nodername if you want to chat, or I'll just block you.


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