Sorry for this departure from standard editor logging. This doesn't seem to warrant an official "Editor Log" but this will be much easier than replying to the astonishing number of messages I have received today....

No, I did not "ban" amnesiac from e2.

I was as surprised as anyone by our favourite loose cannon's LiveJournal post (or, at least, the post appearing there in his name). I'm not sure what actually happened -- whether this is an exercise in drama, whether 'amn' simply forgot his password, or whether something more nefarious is afoot. All I can say is that I took no action against amnesiac's e2 account.

I'm not even sure that this really is 'our' amnesiac ... ascorbic's magic box shows amnesiac's last comment in the catbox on 2006-04-18 at 04:09:58, more than 2 weeks prior to the alleged incident.

The LJ post says "As alluded to in his last Editor Log, Lord Brawl banned me from E2 on Friday, April 28." Actually, as near as I can tell, the only thing that I did on e2 on or around April 28th was check my messages, reply to grundoon on an unrelated matter, and change my home node picture. (Ironically, I had considered a caption identifying the boglin as amnesiac, but I decided that wasn't nice.) Between a major software release at work, trying to hire quite a few people into our development lab, and gearing up for another run at sub-fertility, I wasn't able to be very active here, which is why the cited Editor log is actually 6 weeks late.

Several users did, in fact, /msg me about amnesiac's behaviour in the catbox. Those messages arrived during a period of April 1st through 3rd. The message 'amnesiac' alludes to is presumably "can it yarn chinky" which interested parties can see in context via ascorbic's magic box. This, however, is not what I messaged him about. Another user wrote me to ask "Can you ask amnesiac to stop being such a wanker towards me in the catbox please." It's quite likely that I did, at that time, send amnesiac a message requesting decorum. I have a vague recollection of it. Sadly I did not CC that message to myself. Certainly I had forgotten all about it by almost 4 weeks later.

On LJ, 'amnesiac' goes on to say "I couldn't give a shit about Lord Brawl or his personal taste thresholds, I don't know anything about him and don't want him deciding what I can or can not say." Fair enough. As long as I've been a user here, which is the entire lifetime of the site, e2 has had pretty clear standards of decorum. One constant is that we don't tolerate abuse of users by other users. Thankfully, we see very little of it. Actual bannings for noder abuse behaviour are so rare that I can only think of two, offhand. What I usually do if I get a complaint is address it via private message. This normally works with anyone who's bothered to put real time and effort into the site.

On LJ, 'amnesiac' says "The editor who grassed me up isn't even chinese...." Well, assuming that's still me, I am not, in fact, chinese. I'm not sure how that bears on anything, but it's observably true.

On LJ, 'amnesiac' says "After almost 8 years as a noder I am locked out without having access to my personal /msg archive which contains many important posts including prescriptions that I am unable to access. I was not given any warning or opportunity to backup my /msgs." If an admin did so ban amnesiac, it wasn't me, and I can see no evidence of it in the security logs. For the record, I strongly recommend that no one stores their prescription information in their message archive on e2.

For what it's worth, we don't lock any accounts without due provocation, and when we do, the entire admin staff is informed. I would also have noted it in my Editor log if I had done so, along with the reasons why.

Finally, not that it's relevant, the comments at the end of my April Editor log had nothing to do with amnesiac at all. They were motivated by a separate incident involving a different user, which I trust was resolved more amicably.

P.S. amnesiac, if you're reading this, feel free to email me and I'll reset your password, immediately upon getting a suitable break from my busy schedule of "ass-sucking".

Update: No, I didn't "ban" paraclete from e2, either.

The second-order explosion over paraclete is also a surprise to me. I'll look into it. At present it looks to me like this may be rumour/misinformation. FWIW paraclete and I have corresponded by email, last correspondence in March, quite cordial. I don't think there's anything to this part of the tale. If something did happen I'll rectify it.

All I wanted to do tonight was watch CSI....

Good bye, Frank
So... I just got this mail from my former boss, telling me that my favourite ex-colleague had died. Colleague. Friend. I am so numb right now.

He and I shared a lot of fun times. He was that kind of person you just had to like - a lot. A person who always seemed to have time for everyone, no matter when, no matter what. He would fit the world inside his heart, and still have room for more. He had a twinkle in his eyes...

I wish I had the chance to say goodbye to you, Frank. But I am glad I had the opportunity to be your friend for a while. I miss you.

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