Okay, so it's not going to be 100% fucking accurate `cause it's 1997 data, but here it is, here's the fucking scoop. I finally did it, I did it all.
I did it all for you and all for naught...

Taxi and limousine services' revenues and expenses (for Prince Edward Island)

Estimated number of carriers in population: 79
Total revenues: $2,897
Salaries, wages and benefits: $958
Energy and supplies: $196
Rental and leasing expenses: $232
Repair and maintenance expenses: $121
License fees, property and business taxes: $560
Other purchased services*: $431
Depreciation charges: $174
Other operating expenses**: $85
Total operating expenses: $2,757
Non-operating expenses: $67
Total expenses: $2,823
*Other purchases services are mainly insurance premiums, advertising and sales promotion, telephone and other telecommunications, and payments to self-employed drivers.
**Other operating expenses are mainly meals, travels, bad depts.
Total revenues: $2,897
Total expenses: ($2,823)
Total profit: $74
Per Carrier 94 cents per annum
Is it any fucking wonder they don't stop when you hail them, are consistently late, and have to form pacts with Satan (566-6666) in order to feed their families!

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