Northern California-based band blending hip-hop, groove-funk, and hardcore punk in their music. Their first major album* was called Infest which featured their first hit single Last Resort.

Infest track listing:

1. Infest
2. Last Resort
3. Broken Home
4. Dead Cell
5. Between Angels And Insects
6. Blood Brothers
7. Revenge
8. Snakes
9. Never Enough
10. Binge
11. Thrown Away

Band members are Coby Dick - Vocals, Jerry - Guitar, Tobin - Bass, and Dave - Drums.
As of the date of this w/u (23:28 Thu Nov 2 2000) they are on tour with Eminem and Limp Bizkit.

* UPDATE (June 18/02): Zero Signal says re: Papa Roach writeup - 'Infest' was actually their first major label debut. They'd released two albums and two EPs before then. 'Potatoes For Christmas', 'Old Friends From Young Years', '5 Tracks Deep' and 'Let 'Em Know'.

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