I just came home from New York City. Spent two weeks there.

Now, the way I go sightseeing in a city is by getting lost. I leave my hotel/place of refuge/wherever and go out into the city, turn a few corners and try to get lost. Often I can actually do it without even trying. And then I relax my shoulders, straighten my back, and start looking around. I mean really look around. I observe, I watch, I make mental notes, I... drink it up, every last drop of it.

I walked the city thin. Most days I walked for at least four hours with very few breaks. I can pretty much find my way around since the layout of the streets makes it so very easy. The streets, west and east, the avenues with their numbers... makes everything so easy. I had tourists ask me for directions that I was able to give them, and I felt ridiculously proud.

I have some favourite places. Like the Madison Square Park, where I can look at the Flatiron Building. And a particular Starbucks by Battery Park. I like Starbucks' coffee, regardless of what people say. Okay, so sometimes it can be a bit watery, but whatever. There's something about it I like. I like "proper" café coffee too, but then again I also happily drink instant coffee with a lot of milk in it, so...

It's odd how the city gets on top of me in the nicest way possible. I can stand still in the middle of the street (a good spot to do that is, ferinstance, where Broadway crosses one of the avenues these days, since these crossings are being turned into pedestrian areas, one by one. Quite nice, really), and feel the city looming over me, bearing down on me - and it feels like it wants me to be there.

I love NYC. I'd want to live there.

I know there's a lot more to see here; I was only there for two weeks this time, and now I am home again. Not that I mind, as such. The purpose of traveling is going home. But at the same time that I miss home and people there I still wish I could have stayed. I want to do both. And that'll put me in a lousy mood for a few days after I return home. Sleeping in my own bed will do a lot to remedy that, thankfully.

Come Monday I'll be back at work, and I don't like that thought. Still, it's the way it goes, innit. I should probably cherish the job while I have it, since it's very likely that I'll be out on my ear once January rolls along. Maybe. Nothing is certain. But I'll burn that bridge when I reach it.

By the way: The Custodian is, in all probablility, one of the most amazing peoples I know! Just saying.

Ahh finally Friday blessed relief! Two whole complete days during which I am not forced to spend a portion of my day in the educational facility. I am currently using Alice Cooper to blow my brains out through my headphones, and let me tell you it feels good! My dad is playing poker at his friend Carl's house tonight, and my sister is sleeping over her friends house. So it is just me and my mother tonight. I will probably stay up all night just because I don't have to wake up tomorrow.If someone said to you "Hey look out there's somebody coming! And there's nothing you can do about it." what would you do? Probably going to order pizza tonight, I hope it's good.

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