Kenshi is a character in Midway's latest incarnation of the Mortal Kombat series, Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance.

Kenshi unknowingly released the souls of his ancestors and was turned blind by Shang Tsung's trickery. Kenshi quests to slay his deciever using the sword of his ancestors to regain his honor and his ancestors freedom.

While his hand-to-hand combat is more than adequate, Blind Kenshi is an excellent swordsman, arguably the best in the game. Using his Ninja Sword's quick and damaging combo's while in close combat combined with Telekinetic moves at a distance make Kenshi a force to be reckoned with, definately one of MKDA's better characters.

Move List

- Tai Chi
Palm Strike: S
Rising Spade Hand: L+S
Pushing Hands: R+S
Dual Fist Strike: D+S
Chopping Strike: T
Quick Uppercut: L+T
Rising Uppercut: D+T
Straight Kick: X
Low Lean Kick: D+X
Spinning Roundhouse: O
Low Spin Kick: D+O
Standing Sweep: L+O
Taunt: R1
Throw: R+R1
Empty and Full: S S
Blind Justice: L+T X
Play by Ear: T T T X
Dark Fists: T T T S S
Fading Light: T T T L+S
Nightfall: T T T L1 S X
Out of Sight: T T T L1 S L1
See No Evil: T T T L1 S L+X

- San Shou
Hook Punch: S
Long Range Fist: L+S
Low Jab: D+S
Face Strike: T
Knee Knocker: R+T
Rising Elbow: D+T
Side Kick: X
Low Sweep: D+X
Propelling Hook Kick: L+X
Rising Toe Kick: R+X
Snapping Roundhouse: O
Spinning Roundhouse: L+O
Shin Kick: D+O
Neijin: R1
Throw: R+R1
Don't Blink: O O
Natural Way: T S X
Near Sight: T S L1
All Ears: T S L+X

- Ninja Sword
Spinning Slash: S
Upward Slash: D+S
Reverse Stab: T
Edge Slash: D+T
Rising Slash: X
Charging Slash: R+X
Piercing Blade: D+X
Crescent Blade Strike: O
Sweeping Blade: D+O
Sidestep Swing: R1
Day Break: S T
Rising Dragon: S X
Blind Slice: O X
Moon Strike: O O
Edge of Pain: O S S X

Fatality: R,L,R,D,X
Kenshi's Fatality is called Telekinetic Crush. He uses his telekinetic powers to remove your opponents eyeballs and break his/her legs, arms, and back.

Some information comes from the Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance official website, some from the game itself. The move list is for ps2. The move list is from the in game move list.

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