This is also a term used to describe the games section of a carnival, fair, or amusement park. Games include throwing darts at balloons, whack-a-mole, ring toss games, and other ways that you can look like a loser and/or impress your date. :)

Midway is also a company that makes pinball games and video game machines for arcades.

A popular videogame company that started way back with Pac Man in the arcades and go all the way to Ready 2 Rumble for Playstation 2.

They recently bought the company Atari games and are owned by Balley and Williams

In reference to Midway as a manufacturer or arcade games, they are now a *former* manufacturer of arcade games. They announced that they are closing all arcade operations a few months ago, except for their Touchmaster line of sit-down multi-game terminals, and will most likely concentrate on the console market.

Midway has had some okay games, but since Atari Games was bought by them, and since renamed to Midway Games West, this means Atari themselves has exited the arcade industry. A crying shame, if'n you asks me.

Chicago's second-largest airport after O'Hare. It was once the headquarters for American Airlines, and later became the headquarters for Midway Airlines. Most of Midway's users today are low-cost carriers that want to get around the hefty fees at O'Hare.

Oddly enough, American sold its hub operation at Raleigh-Durham International Airport to Midway in 1995, and Midway Airlines almost left Midway Airport altogether. So you could say that American left Midway to Midway, and then took Midway out of Midway. This left Midway midway toward a second bankruptcy.

Some people call Midway "Mayday."

Mid"way` (?), n.

The middle of the way or distance; a middle way or course.


Paths indirect, or in the midway faint. Milton.


© Webster 1913.

Mid"way`, a.

Being in the middle of the way or distance; as, the midway air.



© Webster 1913.

Mid"way`, adv.

In the middle of the way or distance; half way.

"She met his glance midway."



© Webster 1913.

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