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Dear E2 Secret Santa,

Thanks for not sending me a gift. The whole reason for participating in this thing is to receive an interesting gift of some sort from another part of the country, if not the world. I thought it would be a fun thing to do this holiday since I could afford it. Apparently, I was wrong. I am pretty disappointed and somewhat disillusioned with the concept of Internet communities.

Or, lets put it this way - I'll be spending more time in the the Internet communities that don't disappoint me.

Love, Zari

28, married, Aries, part-time student, full-time pain in the ass

I collect postcards from E2 people. If you want to send one, mail to:

Zari aka Kim C.
PO Box 16196
Portland, OR 97292

I especially like postcards of your local scenery, like landmarks, monuments, important buildings, etc.

I'll send you a postcard if you give me your address!

I don't care if you send me a postcard in return, but it would be nice. :) I have a ton of different postcards, mostly of art and Northwest scenery. /msg me or email your address to
Please note that this information is to be used for good and not evil. Thanks.

So far, I have received postcards from: dizzy | simonc | segnbora-t (a valentine too!) | Lometa | spacklequeen | cbustapeck - still in progress
ICQ 10787799
AIM forkyouzari

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