Your eye is the soft roundish tissue in the front upper section of your head. It's responsible for sight and you should take care of your eyes. It's made up of these things ...

Anterior chamber - A cavity of the eye filled with fluid that provides oxygen, glucose, and proteins. Located at the front center of the eye.

Choroid Layer - A layer that covers the back of the eye that is full of blood vessels that supply the eye with oxygen and nutrients

Ciliary body - controls your eyes lens and adjusts focus.

Conjunctiva - A transparent membrane that covers the sclera and lines the insides of the eyelids

Cornea - Focuses light

lens - Focuses light

Fovea - A concentrarion of photoreceptor where your vision is most acute.

Iris - The color of your eye

Optic disc  - where nerve fibers from the retina converge. Loacted at the back of the eyeball

Optic nerve - Send the information to your brain. Located at the back of the eyeball

Retina - your light-sensitive nerve cells

Sclera - the white of your eyeball

info (not blatantly stolen) from AMA

Slang. verb

To stare intensely in a menacing or uninvited manner.

Ex. Shit, I think EDB is eyeballing me...

Eyeball is also a transitive verb meaning "To estimate a measurement by sight". For example, if you were cooking and didn't want to bother with measuring cups, you could just eyeball the amount of an ingredient. Or I was in a math class and we were supposed to be drawing angles. The teacher told us being precise wasn't a big deal and if we didn't have a protractor handy we could eyeball it.

Eye"ball` (?), n.

The ball or globe of the eye.


© Webster 1913.

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