In the Babylon 5 universe, the Earth organization responsible for the training and support of human telepaths.

Telepaths are identified at an early age and convinced to join the organization. It maintains both commercial and military units, and has its own security force, the Psi Cops. It also has its own political agenda...

The Psi Corps logo is the Greek letter psi. Its motto is "Maternis, Paternis" (Mother, Father).

In the Babylon Five universe, the Psi Corps is powerful Earthgov agency responsbile for controlling human telepaths. Telepathically gifted children coereced to join (their alternatives are dangerous suppression drugs or jail) and are raised a indoctrinated by the corp.

Some telepaths later discover the true nature of the core and escape through use of the various underground railroads. These rogue telepaths are hunted down by the Psi Cops, a nasty group including the infamous Bester.

Presumably a member of the Psi Corps who escapes and is hunted down by the Psi Cops eventually becomes a Psi Corpse.

I'm sorry. I promise it won't happen again.

The Psi Corps was originally founded by the United States over growing fears of telepaths, who had in a few short years before the creation of the Psi Corps, suddenly become quite numerous. The Psi Corps was created as a regulatory body designed to capture rogue telepaths and police the telepathic activities of telepaths.

Needless to say, under the reign of certain individuals from its inception, the Psi Corps has become one of the most powerful organizations in the Earth Sphere.

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