The Babylon 5 Project

Susan Ivanova

Rank: Captain

Serial Number: Z48M27 Epsilon


    2281: Leader of the Rangers
      Anla'Shok Na
    2281: General, Earth Force
    2262: Captain, Warlock-class cruiser
      Promoted to Captain at request of Sheridan. Requested transfer after death of Marcus Cole (see below).
    2258: Executive Officer, Babylon 5
      Promoted from Lt. Commander 2259.


    Io Transfer Station
      No information available


    Date/Place of Birth

      August 30, 2230, St. Petersburg, Russian Consortium

    Known Passwords

      Babylon 5 command systems: griffin


    Called "Suzotchka" by her mother.

    Spent school years abroad.

    Joined Earth Force after the death of her brother Ganya, in 2247. Graduated from Officer Training School in 2249, after the Earth-Minbari War ended.

    Has an intense dislike for telepaths, notably from Psi Corps, probably due to the death of her mother Sofie.

    Was mortally wounded in 2262 when the White Star she was commanding crashed into debris, but recovered when Marcus Cole sacrificed his own life via an alien device which transferred his lfe force to her.

    After his death, she requested a transfer off of Babylon 5. She was promoted to Captain, and given command of a new Warlock-class cruiser for a one year shakedown flight.


      Father: Andrei Ivanov
        Died in 2258 on Earth from medical complications.
      Mother: Sofie Ivanova
        Hid the fact that she was a telepath for many years. Forced to undergo injections of Sleepers to disable this ability. Took her own life 10 years later.
      Brother: Ganya Ivanov
        Died in Earth-Minbari War.

    Telepathic ability

      It appears that Susan is a latent telepath, of low skill but able to sense if she is being scanned and is able to block cursory scans.

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