In the Babylon 5 universe, a human member of the Anla'shok. Played by Jason Carter.

Marcus came to the B5 station in 2260, and acted as a bridge officer and interpreter on the first White Star. He was a proficient fighter with the denn'bok, an excellent pilot, and possessed a quick wit.

Marcus secretly had a crush on Susan Ivanova. As such, when she was mortally injured in 2261, Marcus used the life energy transfer device to save her life at the expense of his own.

A character in Babylon 5 who had an English accent and dies to save Susan Ivanova. I never really liked Marcus, and found him annoying and smarmy rather than witty and courageous.

Incidentally, in the credits of the final episode of Babylon 5, Sleeping in Light, every character is shown as they were in the beginning and as they were at the end. But, for Marcus' 'End' shot, there is a message saying that he is in suspended animation pending discovery of a new resucitation technology, by order of General Susan Ivanova.

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