Minnesota town founded in the 1850s, located on I-90, county seat of Faribault County. The town gets its name from the bluish clay found in the nearby river banks. The town motto: "Earth so rich, the city grows!"

Blue Earth is the birthplace of the ice cream sandwich and home of the first stain glassed window west of the Mississippi. It is also the site of the world's largest statue of the Jolly Green Giant. Standing 55 1/2 feet tall, the statue was erected in 1979 with donations from local businesses.

A McDonald's in Blue Earth was named #1 drive-thru in America in 1998. It's right across the street from the statue. There's also a Wal-Mart nearby, proving once again that no matter where you go, they'll probably be a huge Wal-Mart superstore in your face.

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