The Motorola DragonBall MC68328 microprocessor is the processor around which PalmOS devices are designed. This processor was designed for portable computers: it requires a minimum number of components to operate, has a small board space, low power consumption, and is relatively inexpensive. It has a 32-bit address bus and is capable of addressing up to four GB of memory. The processor has a 16-bit data bus and has a static design that allows the processor clock to be stopped without affecting that state of the registers on the processor. Stopping the processor clock causes a dramatic reduction in the power consumption of the processor. The processor effectively uses almost no power when the system is idle which is the majority of the time. The DragonBall processor operates at 16 MHz and executes 2.7 million instructions per second (MIPS).

Dragonball is the precursor to Dragonball Z. Where in DBZ Son Goku is an adult with a child of his own, Dragonball is the story of Goku's own youth, the beginning of it all.

This includes his meeting Bulma, his family history, his training alongside Kururin(or Krillin) under the Turtle Master, and the beginning of his quest for the Dragonballs. Among other things.

Dragonball has a significantly different style than Dragonball Z: it is humorous and fun, with relatively little fighting. It is also filled with perverted jokes, although DBZ might have had the same before it was translated into a kid's show.

All I know of the original Dragonball is from the manga, I have heard that although there is a single movie which covers all of Dragonball, that it is horrendous in every way imaginable.

In addition to the Motorola MC68328 that JeffMagnus so well describes, Motorola also has the DragonBall EZ MC68EZ328 and the DragonBall VZ MC68VZ328, both designed for higher performance.

Some of the characters in Dragonball/DBZ are lifted from the Chinese novel "Journey to the West" The most obvious one is Goku, whose name Son Gokuu is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese name for Monkey in Journey to the West (the Mandarin pronunciation for the name is "Sun Wukong") Also Goku rides a cloud and carries a staff that can change in size, which are really the salient features of Monkey. Also like Monkey, Goku can change shape, albeit not in the same manner as Goku can only change if he is struck by moonlight.

another character that is derived somewhat from Journey to the West is Oolong, the pig character, who is similar to the Pig character in Journey to the West as they are both lazy and kind of perverted.

On the other hand however, later plots in the series depart from this formula, instead the series is about Goku fighting aliens

A manga by Akira Toriyama; the best-selling comic on the face of the planet. Later was made into an anime series that is much more well-known in the USA. The different seasons of the TV series are called Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT and probably some others I don't know.

The story starts out as a comedy with a lot of toilet humor and lewd jokes, but later on, it focuses on action. Ridiculous amounts of very predictable action, that reuses the same handful of "plot twists" over and over again and escalates levels of power and destruction so much that it's not even funny.

Basically, it's aimed at 10 year old boys who don't yet have the pattern recognition skills to become bored and think the fact that villain No. 24 is 17 times more powerful than villain No. 23 and thus can destroy 572,214 planets in one go is cool.

For some unfathomable reason, there's also a lot of people who are significantly older than 10 years and still watch the show or read the manga, but I'm in no position to criticize them, seeing that I love Kodomo no Omocha, which is targeted at 12 year old girls...

Oh yeah, and the title refers to the Dragonballs, of which there exist 7, which the characters spend much of their time looking (and fighting) for, because if you have all of them, a dragon appears and grants you a wish. At least, it starts out that way, but the escalation of power levels quickly makes this moot.

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