Dragonballs are an important part of the hit anime Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT. Dragonballs are balls created for the purpose of wish granting. There are 3 main Dragonballs: Earth’s Dragonballs created by Kami, Namek Dragonballs, and Black Star Dragonballs. Each set of Dragonballs can be collected to summon a dragon with a password to grant wishes.

     There are seven of Earth’s Dragonballs. After they are used they are spread all over Earth again, and are normal rocks for one year. The Earth’s Dragon (Shenlong) grants one wish.

     There are seven of Namek’s Dragonballs (which are 4 times larger than the Earth Dragonballs), and when summoned the Namekian dragon (Porunga) grants 3 wishes. Porunga is said to be six to ten times larger than Shenlong. After usage the balls spread over the planet and become active again after 130 days (which is one year in Namek).

     The Black Star Dragonballs are present in GT where Pilaf wishes for Goku to be turned back into a kid. The Black Star Dragonballs are spread over the universe and must be collected in one year or they will destroy the Earth. The Black Star Dragonballs only grant one wish as well.

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