Krillin (or Kuririn, as Akira Toriyama originally spelled it in english) is a character in the DragonBall series. The best friend of Son Goku, Krillin trained with him under their master Kamesenin Muten Roshi. When Kamesenin discovered how powerful the young Goku was, he shooed Krillin away. Realizing how large a pervert the old teacher was (Roshi was known worldwide for having the largest porn collection ever), Krillin offered the old man all of his porn magazines if he would train him. Not one to refuse a nekkid woman or two, he happily accepted the trade.

Even though Goku surpassed him in every way, Krillin would never back down to any danger that stood in his way, and would often aid Goku in the defeat of many villians, the most important were his help with Vegeta and Frieza.

Krillin delivered the final blows to a seemingly invincible Vegeta when Goku was unable to move. after defeating Vegeta, Krillin took Yajirobe's sword and was going to end the evil saiyan's life, but was stopped by the good-hearted Goku. Goku pleaded with Krillin to spare him, because he believed that vegeta had good in him somewhere. many many years later, the good side of Vegeta did surface, so perhaps Goku was right after all...

Krillin also inadvertently helped Goku achieve the status of Super Saiyan. When Frieza destroyed Krillin in a quite brutal fashion, the shock put Goku over the edge, and when a saiyan's anger reaches the ultimate boiling point, they become a super saiyan. the accompanying increase in strength allowed Goku to rid the universe of the evil Frieza, or so we thought...

after being revived, and nearly killed many times afterwards, Krillin finally settled down with Android 18, and started a family of his own.

Even though dwarfed by the more powerful characters, Krillin is still considered the most powerful human to ever live... Unless you ask Mr. Satan.

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