Pronounced with a thick english accent: Bru-ul (sorta, you know, just sorta, well, ask dizzy or katyana)

This is the second in a series of very violent games, however, this one gets played on a regular basis.

It requires at least 3 people to play, however 4 is reccomended, a vollyball or a soccer ball, and a decent sized pool.

To begin, one person volunteers to be up, and goes into the deep end. If you feel like being nice, you let the person sit on a ledge or hold onto something, however, to be truly brutal you make them tread water. The rest of the players hang out in the shallow end. The ball is thrown into the shallow end, preferably so that people like me can't just leap vertically and catch it. Then, the players who are in the shallow end battle to the death for the ball. You get a point by demonstrating control of the ball by holding it up with two hands on it, and no one elses grubby little mits on it. You stop fighting when someone gets a point, however this sometimes takes a minute or two before people to realize someone else has the ball. When you get five points, you're up. The ball is out of play if it goes out of the pool or out of the shallow end.

It is both a blessing and a curse to be up, when the games just started, it's very boring, but sometimes humourous to be up. However, as the game goes on into its first hour, you (should) be getting tired, and want a few minutes of rest. It is brutal when you have to tread water though.

Minor rules:
  • Any injuries and the game stops until the person stops bitching. Injuries include broken, or possibly broken, bones and flesh. Your lips sometimes feel like they get busted open, touch them, no blood, don't say anything.
  • No literally punching someone, unless they have a death grip on you, and then, no punching in the face, groin, or stomach. This is the pool, people can drown. Best to elbow them in the arm.
If you dont have ~3 wounds by the end of the game, you weren't playing right. The last game i came out with a scraped elbow, a small cut on my hand, and a 4.25" slice down the bottom part of the outter half of my arm. Right where it bloody rests on any table, chair, anything. You generally won't notice your painful bits until you get in the shower.

A word to the guys: you will get accidentially kicked in the nuts. Twice.
A word to the gals: you will get accidentially grabbed in places you would rather not.
Neither of you can complain, unless someone seems to be making a regular occurance of it.

Bru"tal (?), a. [Cf. F. brutal. See Brute, a.]


Of or pertaining to a brute; as, brutal nature.

"Above the rest of brutal kind."



Like a brute; savage; cruel; inhuman; brutish; unfeeling; merciless; gross; as, brutal manners.

"Brutal intemperance."



© Webster 1913.

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