Also known as: O Uchi Gari.

One of the standard throws taught early in Judo, Hapkido, Aikido, and from where I learned it: Hankido.

Method for the Major inner reap:

This move does not lend itself to step by step description as well as the Major outer reap did, but I shall try nonetheless.

  1. Both players begin in standard grappling positions (left arm holding opponent's right upper arm, right arm grabbing opponent's lapel). The attacker and defender should have the same leading leg (as in each of their right legs are forward and each of their leg legs are back).
  2. Imagine that the attacker happens to be pushing the defender backwards, so that the defender has to step backwards to not fall over and die. The attacker steps in sync with the defender until he feels like surprising the defender.
  3. At the moment of decision, instead of moving his rear leg beyond his leading leg, the attacker instead skips his rear leg into his leading leg.
  4. So the attacker has skipped forward so that both feet are together and he is facing to one side, with his back foot pointing to the aforementioned side. The tricky part is up next, and the best description of it that I have heard is ice skating. small note: if you don't know how to ice skate; learn how from any source you'd like, then continue on with this little node.
  5. The next step is to ice skate behind the defender's leading leg and push him off balance by use of brutal arm power, using his invading foot as a pivot of death. The pushing with his arms should be accompanied by the turning of his body from sideways to forwards, to get torque.
  6. The direction of the push should be perpendicular to the line formed by thinking of his feet as points.
  7. The last step is fairly vital to the attacker's health: he must step out with his non ice skating leg (away from the now fallen defender), and stabilize himself.

Now this move is tricky to pull off right, because people have a tendency to push the defender straight back instead of off balance. However, if you push the defender off balance and catch his leading leg beautifully, he will invariably land on his ass.

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