Largely known as the ultimate achievement that the warrior saiyan race can achieve. the path to the Super Saiyan is that of anger. When one's anger rises to a level that few have ever seen, the result is that all the saiyan's body hair turns yellow, points upward, and they eyes turn a bright shade of green. normally, a major increase in power is bestowed upon such a warrior that can reach this level. The legendary super saiyan, known as Brolly, achieved this level thousands of years ago. It wasn't achieved untill Son Goku repeated this feat many years later, proving that the super saiyan was more than just a legend.

Super Saiyan level two is an even more amazing feat. in fact, only three saiyans have ever reached this level. in addition to an astronomical increase in power, SSJ2 changes the appearance somewhat in that the hair points straight up, except for one lock of hair that dangles in front. the energy field surrounding the warrior is accompanied by bolts of electricity. the first saiyan to ever achieve this feat was Son Gohan, the first child of Son Goku. The level was achieved when fighting the evil warrior Cell.

Super Saiyan Level Three is so incredibly rare, only two saiyans in the history of the race have ever achieved it. The power of the affected reaches obscene levels, the warrior loses his eyebrows, and the hair on the warriors head grows amazingly long. the first to attain this level is Gotenks, who is the amalgamation of Son Goten (Son Goku's second son), and Trunks, the son of Vegeta. Son Goku attains this level later in the series, right before facing Majin Buu.

There are stories of a fourth Super Saiyan level, but since they were not authored by Akira Toriyama, they aren't very valid. (See Dragon Ball GT).

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