The Jolly Green Giant is the mascot for the canned-produce company, Green Giant.

Green Giant was founded in 1903 as the Minnesota Valley Canning Company in La Sueur, Minnesota. In 1925, the company began selling an unusually large-sized pea, which they called Green Giant. 1928 was the first time the actual giant was used in marketing, and the company opened several other canneries in Minnesota. 1950 marked the disappearance of the Minnesota Canning Company and the birth of Green Giant Company. In 1979, Green Giant merged with another Minnesota homegrown company, Pillsbury and their little giggling dough-boy.

When I was little, I went to visit my aunt and uncle down in Fairmont, MN and we went to visit the green giant. Or the statue of him, at least. Back then, he was humongous, but I'm gonna estimate the statue is about 50 feet tall. So if the 50-Foot Woman stops attacking, she's got a big green guy to come home to and cuddle here in the heartland.

This nodeshell was rescued by the color green. Jute Twine is also green.

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