In the Babylon 5 universe, a prototype ship constructed in 2260 with elements from both Minbari and Vorlon technology. The first White Star was commanded by Captain Sheridan. More ships of this class were later built.

White Star vessels are well-armed, and employ a Vorlon defense system in their hulls. Unlike most ships their size, they can make their own jump points. They are crewed by either Rangers or Minbari religious caste.

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The Babylon 5 Project

White Star Class Cruiser

The White Star Class Patrol Cruiser was created in secret by the Minbari Religious Caste, with some help from the Vorlon Empire, to fight in the Shadow war. It is a very small ship, around 270 meters long, and amazingly maneuverable. There is one main beam weapon, plus 6 pulse cannons. But while it is incredibly powerful for its size, it has less weapons power than most major capital ships.

The White Star Class is also the smallest ship known that can open its own jump-point, making it very useful for smaller attacks and intelligence gathering missions. The ship also has internal artificial gravity.

The Vorlon parts of the White Stars are the computer system, the advanced tracking system, the auto-repair system, and the the semi-organic "learning" armor. This armor can to some degree adapt to certain weapons, absorbing some of the energy and leaving only physical impact damage. It is no match, however, for heavier weapons. After sustaining damage, the auto-repair system on a White Star starts working on the problem, re-routing resources. This is, however, a time-consuming process, and will not work if the damage is too great.

The Minbari stealth technology appears to operate on White Star vessels, as Earth Force sensors cannot track White Star ships.

The normal crew complement of this class is around 50.
The White Stars also have a small cargo bay that is capable of holding a shuttle or a few fighters. This cargo bay located between the aft main propulsion fins. In addition, a White Star is also capable of landing on a planetary surface.

The White Star first appeared in the Third Season in the episode "Matters of Honor".
It served as a flagship for the Rangers and the Army of Light until it was destroyed in the late Third Season episode "Z'Ha'Dum" when Sheridan crashed it into Z'Ha'Dum, detonating a nuclier device.

The White Star fleet was unveiled in the episode "And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place". (before the "Z'Ha'Dum" episode)

In "Movements of Fire and Shadow" of the Fifth Season, Sheridan requested that Earth Alliance and the Minbari Federation cooperate to construct a larger Destroyer Class version of the White Star, the Victory Class Destroyer.

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