A Victory-Class Star Destroyer is pretty much a Imperial Star Destroyer's little brother. Aside from being smaller, faster and more versatile, the VSD's are also cheaper to build. On the downside, they of course lack the greater amount of weaponry, shield and armor strength. VSD's are more proficient in battle with enemy starfighters than ISD's, and track the smaller spacecraft more easily.

The VSD was designed near the end of the Clone Wars by Walex Blissex (who later designed the A-wing together with Jan Dodonna).

Measuring 900 metres in length, this was considered the ultimate starship design at the time of its construction, capable of carrying a crew of more than 5,000, 24 TIE-fighters, 2,000 ground troops, dropships, AT-AT walkers, juggernauts and floating fortresses.

The standard weapons mix is ten quad turbolasers, forty double turbolasers, eighty concussion missile launchers and ten tractor beam projectors.

As Imperial Star Destroyers started being built, the VSD started being reassigned to planetary defense roles.

Pilots from the Rebel alliance called it 'the Victim' because it was inferior to modern starships in ship-to-ship combat, partially because of its low speed.
It later saw refitting and recommissioning under Grand Admiral Thrawn, increasing its usefulnes somewhat.

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