Eh, not to be pedantic, but the designation of the guard that Han and Luke knocked out in A New Hope was TK-421. As in "TK-421? Why aren't you at your post?" The initials of this guy at work are T.K., so just about any time we see him, he gets asked this question.

Anyway, ignoring Kevin Smith movies, which are so thick with Star Wars references as to make cataloging them all near impossible, there are plenty of others...

My Star Wars reference:

To whom concern it may:

Ryano, young he is, but eager. Recommend him I would. A valuable employee would he be. Quickly the ways of perl he learns. HTML knows he inside-out. ASP has he learned, but never turned to the dark side shall he be.

He does or does not, with Ryano, there is no try. Sad are we to lose him. In his new employment, well we wish him.

Questions there be, to contact me hesitate not.

Faithfully yours,

Master Yoda

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