Bob the Angry Flower is written by Stephen Notley, and is currently run in VUE Weekly in Edmonton, and the Buffalo Beast. In the past, he has been featured in Edmonton's See magazine,the Edmonton Herald, the Edmonton Sun, See Magazine once before, and the Gateway, which is the student run newspaper at the University of Alberta. He is also being syndicated by At-Large Features Syndication, although I can't find a list of newspapers that he is appearing in because of them. His archives can be found online at

Bob is a 5 foot tall flower, with leaves for hands and rooty-leafy things instead of legs. He speaks fluent latin and can type ten thousand words a minute. Once declared himself Magnetic South. Bob lives with Stumpy (the Stump of Wood,) and Freddy the Flying Fetus.

Bob has a bunch of cool stuff, because, well, it's a comic strip, and Stephen's a pretty imaginative guy. Some of the cool stuff Bob has includes:
  • A "Machine That Spits Out Cash; You Just Have To Press These Two Buttons." Bob tried pressing one of the buttons once, but nothing happened. He's too lazy to press both.
  • A Mind Display Shirt. A loose fitting cotton shirt that displays a picture of whatever the person wearing it is thinking about. Most of the time this is sushi, although sometimes it's breasts.
  • A gravity polarizer; a small device the size of a pen that allows him to rotate the graviational field in an area to whatever direction he chooses.
  • A cornucopia of infinite wealth. Fell out of the sky. Bob lost it a few weeks later. It's not in the couch.
  • A device labeled "Blow Up Earth?" Two dial settings, yes and no. Bob switched it to yes once. Good thing that the U.N. was able to reconstruct the planet in time for the next week's comic strip.
  • A moral repurcussion chamber. Used to show Bob just how he'd feel if someone did to him what he does to others. Usually it doesn't really bother him.

Bob has a lot of big wacky schemes. Most of them concern taking over the world, which he plans to do with legions of genetically enhanced cloned soldiers, funded by a national retail clothing chain. These plans will be coordinated with a cordless phone.

Bob once set up a local chapter of the Taleban, and has in the past been a known conspirator of Osama Bin Laden's, although not since the events of September 11th. There is such a thing as taking a joke too far. Bob is often involved with the UN, either supporting it, such as with a $460 billion donation after he found the cornucopia, or acting against it, like the time he started WWIII by punching UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in the stomach.

Bob is completely obsessed with Robots. For a good example of this, see the strip entitled "The Inner Light"

And in cased you hadn't noticed, what with the whole "planning to take over the world" thing, Bob is quite angry. There are many theories as to why this is. Some people say bad parenting, some people say it's complications with his complex about his height, some say rage at the world for being the only talking flower in the world. At any rate, he's been certified by the United Nations Sub-Committee on Fury as a Class 1A offender.

There are currently 6 Bob the Angry Flower books in publication. Bob the Angry Flower: In Defence of Facism; Bob the Angry Flower: Coffee with Sinistar; Everybody vs. Bob the Angry Flower; Bob the Angry Flower: The Ultimate Book of Perfect Energy; Bob the Angry Flower: Dog Killer; and Bob the Angry Flower: pamplemousse. I myself have a signed copy of the first three. If you want a copy, you can order them off of Go now. You can also get other Bob merchandise. Stephen, being lazy and liking the idea of getting other people to do the work for him, allows fans to create merchandise and sell it over the net, as long as they tell him about it. Most people use

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