Character created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino for DC Comics. Bobo first appeared in Rex the Wonder Dog #4 in August 1953.

Bobo started life as a chimp in Africa, not much different from all other chimps. All that changed on the day, Bobo swallowed a pair of microscopic aliens named Y-Nad and K-Ram along with their spacecraft. The two extraterrestrials happened to look much like chimpanzees and used their technology to boost Bobo's intelligence to near human levels.

Bobo used used his new found intelligence to save the lead scientist from an American expedition from being killed by his evil assistant. In gratitude, the scientist returned to the U.S. with Bobo and soon, Bobo was under the care of Fred Thorpe, a world reknowned animal handler.

Thorpe trained Bobo for many years, showing him the ways of human society. Thorpe was murdered and Bobo was taken in by Thorpe's friend Sheriff Edward Case of Oscaloosa County, Florida. Bobo used his intelligence and instincts to help Case catch Thorpe's killer. After that, Bobo often helped the sheriff solve cases.

Bobo began to grow old and soon retired from active detective work, until he crossed paths with another intelligent animal, Rex the Wonder Dog. The two found the legendary Fountain of Youth and drinking from it, restored them to their prime.

Bobo estabilished his own detective agency and having mastered the ability to speak, carried on for a number of years. He and Rex both assisted in the defeat of Gorilla Grodd and Hector Hammond, teaming with the Green Lantern and the Flash. Recently, Bobo helped the Martian Manhunter a fellow detective defeat Gorilla Grodd when he attempted to take over the world by changing all humans into apes.

Bobo is also a member of the Bureau of Amplified Animals, a government organization that taps the generally untouched potential of the Non-Human Americans. The Bureau's funding is said to be threatened now that Lex Luthor is in office.