The Hackmasters of Everknight are Lefty the thief, Steve the dwarf berserker, Kevlar the wizard, Skraag Fallow the warrior, and the Priestess of Luvia. Oh, and Stubby, their sidekick gnomeling (half gnome, half dwarf) torchbearer. The Hackmasters of Everknight also is the name of the comic book that chronicles the story of the Hackmasters as they fight dragons, slay orcs, and give legions of undead their final peace. Based on the novels by Gary Jackson, founder of Hard Eight Enterprises.

The Hackmasters of Everknight serves as inspiration and source material for Hackmaster gaming groups everywhere, including the Knights of the Dinner Table, the Black Hand, and Patty's Perpetrators. The Hackmasters of Everknight comic is published by Kenzer and Company. The artist, Manny Vega, throws in so many inside jokes and references to fantasy and sci-fi, that it's almost impossible to catch them on the first read. Absolutely hillarious.

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