Very popular parody of Star Trek made by Australian cartoonist John Cook, originally only in cartoon form on the Internet. Sev Trek started out as a weekly comic strip where the punchline was missing, and was suggested by the readers. The best submitted punchline was selected through an IRC voting session where anyone could participate.

Eventually work began on a computer animated Sev Trek movie called Sev Trek: Pus in Boots, and this was finished and released in 2002, together with a soundtrack on CD. The movie is about the length of an average Star Trek episode, and it's a parody of a "general" Star Trek: The Next Generation episode.

As of March 2003 almost 400 Sev Trek comic strips have been made, but the cartoon is no longer a weekly phenomenon as it has been merged with other science-fiction parodies into the weekly "Sev Space" comic strip. More than half of the Sev Space cartoons are Sev Trek however, since it's the most popular of the parodies. (Other Sev Space parodies include Sev Wars (Star Wars), Sev Files (X-files), Sevylon 5 (Babylon 5) and Fraud of the Rings (Lord of the Rings).)

What "sev" actually means is a well-kept secret, and although there supposedly are clues spread throughout the website, the meaning remains a mystery to most of us.

The Sev Wide Web, where Sev Trek, Sev Wars and the other cartoons can be found, is located at:

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