A brand of soap that is usually anti-bacterial. According to my biology teacher, this soap is very dangerous and should never be used. The killing of bacteria on your hand encourages natural selection among bacteria and only stronger bacteria survive in order to ream and maim your hand in the future.

Di"al (?), n. [LL. dialis daily, fr. L. dies day. See Deity.]


An instrument, formerly much used for showing the time of day from the shadow of a style or gnomon on a graduated arc or surface; esp., a sundial; but there are lunar and astral dials. The style or gnomon is usually parallel to the earth's axis, but the dial plate may be either horizontal or vertical.


The graduated face of a timepiece, on which the time of day is shown by pointers or hands.


A miner's compass.

Dial bird Zool., an Indian bird (Copsychus saularius), allied to the European robin. The name is also given to other related species. -- Dial lock, a lock provided with one or more plates having numbers or letters upon them. These plates must be adjusted in a certain determined way before the lock can be operated. -- Dial plate, the plane or disk of a dial or timepiece on which lines and figures for indicating the time are placed.


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Di"al, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Dialed (?) or Dialled; p. pr. & vb. n. Dialing or Dialling.]


To measure with a dial.

Hours of that true time which is dialed in heaven. Talfourd.

2. Mining

To survey with a dial.



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