Show on the Fox network which takes place in the 70's sometime. It features 6 kids and their life in the stereotypical 70's. The best part about it is that it isn't as much the COMMERCIAL 70's that everyone remembers (Flowers, Lava lamps, etc), but also the LIFESTYLE of the 70's. Great show, I recommend it to everyone.

Oh, and the gorgeous redhead is another great part about it.

The show was created as a lighthearted spoof of early sitcoms, and the 70's in general. It has since grown beyond that niche, but it often returns to it as a good source for humor and story ideas. Among the major characters on the show are Eric Foreman (ostensibly the main character); Eric's parents, Red and Kitty Foreman; Eric's slutty sister Lori; Donna, Eric's girlfriend (I'm not even gonna try her last name, sorry); Donna's parents, Bob and Midge, neighbors to the Foremans; Michael Kelso, the "dumb one"; Jackie (I don't remember her last name), Kelso's girlfriend (at times); Stephen Hyde, Eric's friend who's living with the Foremans since his mom ditched him; Hyde's stoner boss/friend/mentor, Leo; and Fes (generally pronounced "Fez"), the foreign exchange student.

A friend of mine noticed this while watching the show. If you look at the beginning, they show a license plate from the car they are sitting in during the opening credits and the year on the registration sticker is incremented every season and, presumably, represents the year the show is taking place in. The current season is in 1979, so who knows what will happen if they make it another year. I believe they are all seniors in High School in current season (being shown now in 2002). One hopes this does not lead to a reincarnation of the horrible That '80s Show which was blessedly cancelled almost as soon as it began.

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