Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: 20th Century Fox
Model Number: 11022
Atari Rarity Guide: 3 Scarce

This is a space combat game for the Atari 2600. It has a look very similar to the Star Wars vector arcade games. Your mission is to guide your assault ship against the "Hyperion Military Bases". Your enemies include fireballs, heat seekers, and Homers.

From the instruction manual


Watch to see which type of defense weapon is forming within the Base. Each acts differently and requires a different strategy.

On the higher levels, avoid the area where the Shields will appear first. Otherwise, you could get hit with no warning.

When moving through the Force Field, try to fly directly toward the base, then fire when you are almost touching it. As soon as you hit the button, you will stop moving.

At very high levels take your time and hit the Base from outside the Field until the energy level drops and the outer Shields are absorbed.

This game is valued at around $25 USD. Games with boxes and manuals are worth more.

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