An option on the gcc compiler for Linux that makes it obey strict ansi standards when compiling. Possibly issuing warnings on unused variables, poor style, and other such detailed observations.


"Pedantic" is a word frequently used by people who don't bathe to describe people who do -- or to describe anybody else who is not as sloppy, lazy, careless and ignorant as they are.

For some reason, there are people on this Earth who believe that ignorance and dull-witted apathy are virtues. Good for them. What really amuses me is that when they read disinformative documentation written by people like themselves, they throw a fit. When they use dysfunctional software written by people like themselves, they throw another fit. Competent people make the damn world run, while these incompetent morons seem to regard themselves as a sort of divinely ordained leisure class, whose only role in life is to lie around in their own filth and whine about how they're too important and precious and creative to do anything but, well, lie in their own damn filth. Fuck 'em. Off with their heads.

Show me somebody who insists that s/he has a God-given obligation to do everything wrong, and I'll show you somebody who expects others to take up his or her slack.


Pe*dan"tic (?), Pe*dan"tic*al (?), a.

Of or pertaining to a pedant; characteristic of, or resembling, a pedant; ostentatious of learning; as, a pedantic writer; a pedantic description; a pedantical affectation.

"Figures pedantical."



© Webster 1913.

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