13 March 2005: Okay, all the preceding writeups are gone... And so is my context! If I recall correctly, the original writeup stated that the node title was True and those who did not Believe were Wrong.

I went and looked this one up. Here's what I found for "lyric":

Dictionary.com says, "Music. The words of a song. Often used in the plural."

M-W.com says, "The words of a song -- often used in plural"

This U.S. Government Property Webster's Dictionary in my desk says, "Often lyrics. The words of a song."

OED.com says, "The Oxford English Dictionary Online is a subscription service."

Some kind readers inform me that the dead-tree version of the OED says, "4. The words of a popular song; freq. pl. Also attrib., as lyric-writer."

I did it to make myself feel better, since I am one of those people who says, "Do you have the lyrics to that song?"

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