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Anla'Shok Na (Ranger One)

Rank established by Valen and sometime synonymous with Entil'Zha.
If the Anla'Shok, or the Rangers, had a purpose, it would be to serve Anla'Shok Na.
    "We live for The One, we die for The One"

After Valen created the Rangers and others took Valen's place, they always took only the Anla'Shok Na title, in respect to the Great Valen who is the true Entil'Zha. This tradition continued for 1000 years until Jemmier commanded that Jeffrey Sinclair take on the name and reunite Entil'Zha to Anla'Shok Na.

    "To Dream in the City of Sorrows"

In all aspects, the Rangers, and Ranger One are equivalent to the CIA, and Anla'Shok Na is the top spy for the Minbari Federation, and soon to be Interstellar Alliance. After 2262, Both Anla'Shok Na and the Anla'Shok were offices of the Interstellar Alliance, and served as the Intelligence Network for the organization.

Until 2259, all Rangers, and the role of Ranger One were only open to the Minbari, however, once Jeffrey Sinclair was made Anla'Shok Na, humans and all races were included in the Rangers.

Known characters who have held the office of Anla'Shok Na:

    Lenonn - (cf. "In the Beginning")
    Jeffrey Sinclair - (cf. "To Dream in the City of Sorrows")
    Delenn - (cf. "Walkabout")
    John Sheridan - (cf. "Sleeping in Light")
    Susan Ivanova - (cf. "Sleeping in Light")

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