The Babylon 5 Project

Michael Alfredo Garibaldi

Rank: Chief Warrant Officer

Serial Number: V17L98


    2262: Co-owner of Edgars Industries
    2262: Head of Interstellar Alliance Security
    2261: Freelance Private Investigator
    2257: Chief of Security, Babylon 5
      Chosen personally by Commander Jeffrey Sinclair as head of security despite objections from Earth Force about his past record.
    Date Unknown: Mars
      Shuttle pilot (see Psi Corps note below)
    Date Unknown: Europa, Security
      Security officer in Jovian moon system. (see Kemmer note below)


    Known Passwords

      Babylon 5 command systems: peekaboo


      Agnostic - raised as Roman Catholic.


      Known to have acute alcoholism. On numerous occasions, turned to alcohol to hide from problems.

    Psi Corps

      After crash landing a shuttle on Mars (with Jeffrey Sinclair as a passenger), stumbled upon what appeared to be a secret Psi Corps facility. Unknown what was discovered.
        (cf. "With Friends like These")


      While investigating possible illegal activities on Europa, an attempt was made to "silence" him by rigging a shuttle landing pad. Close friend Frank Kemmer, a Jovian shuttle pilot, was killed when the pad exploded. Believed to be a contributing factor to his acute alcoholism.
        (cf. "Survivors")


      Disappeared December 2260 while on patrol in his Starfury outside Babylon 5 when Shadow vessels threatened the station, possibly abducted by the Shadows or Psi Corps. Later found adrift in space. See Bester note below.
        (cf. "Z'ha'dum")


      Resigned abruptly in 2261 as Chief of Security, and began working as a private Investigator.
        (cf. "Epiphanies")

    Edgars Industries

      Late in 2261 he was hired by William Edgars to help move items through Babylon 5 customs.
        (cf. "Conflicts of Interest")
      Later becaome co-owner with Lise Hampton-Edgars.
        (cf. "Objects in Motion")


      Garibaldi moved to Mars late in 2261 to further work with Edgars. He was almost killed twice before in unspecified incidents on Mars.
        (cf. "The Exercise of Vital Powers")


      Garibaldi discovered that his resignation, betrayal of Sheridan, and his work for Edgars Industries was in fact controlled by Bester without Garibaldi's knowledge or control. This controlling personality was implanted while Garibaldi was missing from Babylon 5, and was used to determine if a threat against the telepaths existed. Bester also had an Asimov block inserted to protect himself from retaliation.
        (cf. "The Face of the Enemy")


      Father Alfredo Garibaldi served under General Richard Franklin in the Dilgar War.
        (cf. "Gropos")

      Grandmother was a Boston police officer.

      Married Lise Hampton-Edgars in late 2262 or early 2263.

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