French literatus. Born 1726, died 1773.

From 1747 to 1752, Laurent Angliviel de la Beaumelle lived in Copenhagen, Denmark. Towards the end of his stay, he served as a royally appointed professor. During this time, and with the aid of Ludvig Holberg, de la Beaumelle published a francophone periodical, La Spectatrice danoise (1749-1750), which contained the first theatrical reviews in Copenhagen's history.

In 1752, he followed up the success of La Spectatrice danoise with Mes Pensées, in which he propounded a number of extremely radical views on politics and religion. This led to a break with his Danish supporters, and shortly thereafter, he managed to make a mortal enemy of Voltaire. This animosity lasted all of de la Beuamelle's life, and dominated his relationship with Voltaire, even when he and Voltaire were on the same philosophical/political side.

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