Zerotime is an organisation dedicated to the study of the paranormal. The organisation was founded in 1994, however Zerotime took off when it formed a web presence in 1995.

From their FAQ:

Q: What is Zerotime?

A: Zerotime is an organization founded by Trent Brandon back in 1994 to study and research paranormal and supernatural subjects. The website took Zerotime into cyberspace in 1995 and nothing has ever been the same. Zerotime continues to grow out of control like a bad weed. Teams of hand picked individual go out to study and document paranormal events. Zerotime reports and submits articles for the website so that Internet users can read and comment.

The articles

Although the writers at Zerotime do believe in paranormal activities, they can be very skeptical at times. They run many case studies and articles, such as "I See a Face in the Mist, it Must Be a Ghost!", that offer well written realistic pieces of advise to enthusiastic readers. This goes against the norm of most websites dedicated to the paranormal.

Some recent article headlines include:

The Haunted "BIG" House

UFO Hotspots in the USA

Stranger in the night

Ghost on the water

The Conspiracy of the USS Indianapolis

Hunters and Bigfoot

As demonstrated in a few of these headlines, they are very scientific with the release of their case studies and never sensationalise their pieces. They may believe in the paranormal, but they're also scientists!

They also maintain a massive link list of a million website, which they have simply called "1,000,000 Paranormal Links". Just what every ghostbuster needs.

Online Store

Zerotime also have an online store featuring many interesting products, including:
(Text in italics is quoted from the online store.)

The Ghost Hunter's BIBLE - The Definitive Edition

"The only rule in ghost hunting is, be ready for anything! The Ghost Hunter's Bible makes that possible."

"One out of every ten homes experience supernatural activity. Don’t get left in the dark!"

If it ain't definitive, it ain't the bible!

"Ghost hunter" t-shirts

"If you're a ghost hunter or are part of a ghost hunting society you need to get one of these amazing t-shirts. The powerful Angel looking down over many lost souls. These Ghost Hunter T-Shirts are very impressive!"

I'd guess they're also useful for attracting the opposite sex. Who wouldn't date a ghost hunter?

The Gauss Master

"This devices can pick up electronic and magnetic fields over different frequencies. It's a theory that when ghosts are present they disrupt the electromagnetic fields. This EMF detector will detect these disruptions."

"As a guideline each person in your ghost-hunting group should have at least one EMF detector on hand."

My ghost hunting groups always fight over who gets to use the EMF detector, so you may want to order a couple of these.

IR Thermometer

"This pistol-grip meter (with laser pointer for pinpoint accuracy) will measure temperatures from 0º all the way up to 600ºF at a safe distance"

"Ghost Hunter's can use this device to detect and pin-point both "cold spots" and "hot spots" common with ghosts and paranormal activity. The next time you feel a cold chill run over your body you will know exactly how cold it was and which direction it went."

If you want, you can also get a few laughs by pointing them at groins and cracking jokes about sex drives. Timeless humour!

Battery Included!

Natural EM Meter

"The Natural EMF Meter detects radio/microwaves and changes in extremely weak static electric and magnetic fields. Using both a needle type meter and audible tone, it detects: distant radio transmitters, geomagnetic storms, unusual magnetic solar activity, electrical activity of thunderstorms, and concealed surveillance bugs."

"Detects the electrical presence of a person"

It even includes a one year manufacturer's warranty! Not that a real ghost hunter would stay alive that long...

Ancient Astronaut Totem

"They've been watching our world in secret, abducting unwilling victims for their genetic experiments, but now you can own one of them!"

This is step one in my revenge against my kidnappers.

So, where are they?

Zerotime can be found online at:

I highly recommend you never waste your time with Zerotime.

The majority of information was obtained from visiting the website, and reading the Zerotime FAQ which is located at

Our Zerotime doesn't believe them either, and the nick is merely coincidence. Well, that's his story anyway.

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