Hiroyuki Nakano was born 1958 in Fukuyama Hiroshima, and is counted amonst the most promising japanese multi-talents. He produces TV and radio formats, commercials, Homepages, multimedia projects, fashion shows, events, graphical artworks, and of course, movies.

The Kurosawa of MTV:

In 1985, he established the Tyrell Corporation, the first japanese music video production company and gained national fame for his video artworks in the 80's. International recognition came in the 90's for his music videos, especially for the clip for Deee-Lite's song Groove is in the Heart, which was nominated for the MTV Award in seven categories. Other clips include videos for Les Rita Mitsuko and the clip Niten-Ichiryu for the british drum-and-base artist Photek. He gained an excellent reputation, and was called MTV's Kurosawa. Today, he is still busy developing music videos and interactive multimedia products with his new production company Peacedelic Studio for acts such as Glay, Mr.Children, Miki Imai, Les Negresses Vertes and many more. Tomoyasu Hotei's two latest videoclips were also directed by Nakano.

S.F. and beyond:

He is also very successful as a movie director, with three feature films under his belt: Samurai Fiction, Stereo Future and Red Shadow. In these films he uses his experience in music videos, and creates visually compelling and highly entertaining stories. His use of music in combination with visuals is IMHO unequalled. You can find more information on the movies in the relevant nodes.

Originally, he planned to use the letters SF as a codename for his movies, Samurai Fiction being the first, Stereo Future the second, and had further movies planned with titles such as Short Films, Silent Femme, Super Funky, Soul Friend, Sunday Family, Switch F and Sonic Fiona. However, he broke with this pattern after his second feature, instead calling his new movie, a ninja-flick, Red Shadow, after the main character Aka Kage. If he will return tohis planned pattern of naming his films remains to be seen...

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