Is it the Encyclopedia of Everything Japanese, or is it Everything's Japanese Encyclopedia? It's both!

After 1662 entries, the EJE grew too big to fit in a single e2node. After consulting with several editors, a plan for breaking up the Encyclopedia was organized. It has been broken into sub-nodes by content. Three sections were not liberated; "Other", "Social Life/Leisure", and "Tales from Japan" will be kept in this writeup until they get large enough to merit their own nodes. The "Food" section has been split up: the Cookery project has absorbed the listing of Japanese Recipes into that node, while other aspects of Japanese cuisine, such as general dish descriptions and etiquette, may be found in Japanese Food.

If you see one of your w/u's that is missing, or have come across one that isn't listed here, please /msg us.

For questions about node-naming conventions and other Japanese noding standards, consult E2 Japanese Conventions. Otherwise, feel free to address other questions to the bakufu usergroup.

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Table of Contents

Most recent additions:
  1. Voices of a Distant Star by kojaxs
  2. Witch Hunter Robin by kojaxs
  3. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant by kojaxs
  4. Shima-uta by kojaxs
  5. Kohaku Uta Gassen (Annual music competition) by kojaxs
  6. makura kotoba by DustBunnie
  7. Manyoshu by mauler
  8. William Adams by Corran
  9. Himura Kenshin
  10. Kamiya Kaoru
  11. sakabatou
  12. Samurai X
  13. Shishio Makoto
  14. Hiroaki Samura
  15. Sagara Sanosuke
  16. Soujirou
  17. Hitokiri Battousai
  18. Bodhidharma by mauler
  19. Daruma by -brazil-
  20. Yamata no Orochi by (O)v(O)
  21. Kusanagi no Tsurugi by tricyclist_from_hell and cethiesus
  22. Susanoo by cethiesus and BelDion
  23. Hototogisu by mauler
  24. Shin Musume Dojoji by bobbb21
  25. Anchin and Kiyohime by tusitala
Changes of note:
  1. The Everything Japanese Encyclopedia is now under new management by the bakufu usergroup. HUGE thanks go out to the inimitable 00100 for all his past and continuing efforts on this project, which was his creation.
  2. Japanese Food and been added to supplement Japanese Recipes
  3. The Great Breakup has occured.
  4. Category "Tales from Japan" added to hold true stories of Japan's encounters with noders. Categories reordered alphabetically.
  5. Category "Literature/Art" reorganized to better indicate what things are
  6. Category "Geography" reorganized to show hierarchy of political divisions.

Nodes marked with a "(*)" contain links to many, many other Japan-related nodes; I have chosen to not list these other nodes for simplicity and size issues because I haven't gotten around to it yet.
Infinite props to gn0sis, Jeeves, mauler (Apologies to mauler for not adding his Nihon-noding self sooner), Pseudo_Intellectual, sekicho, Sensei, superfly, tokumei, and Wintersweet for their many Japan-related write-ups, and to the indefatigable Shro0m for helping me pull them all together.

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